Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tenerife Part 3

Here's a couple of pictures! There are palm trees here - and that's the 25m pool, and above that, the view from the cafe in the training facility.

back in the 25m pool this morning, after some good drills I could really feel an improvement in my stroke. Really excited about seeing the filming of my stroke tonight as I think I've come on a lot. Let's hope I can remember how to do it when we get back into the 50m pool tonight.

Now the sunglasses are on, there's not a cloud in sight, although there's a nice breeze keeping me cool in the shade. It's time for a banana milkshake and a flapjack - it's a hard life really! Rereading My cousin Rachel - seems weird to be reading a gothic novel in such brilliant sunshine. Not sure I'll be able to read it tonight - might be a bit scary since I'm on my own.


  1. Uber cool goggles there !!! Drizzling here in good old Oxenford, hating you already :)

  2. I want some of them goggles. Would be fascinating to learn about strokes, I knowi roll too much on front crawl and breathing is always wrong. But my breast stroke is not too bad!

    Love the clear blue sky

    From Jo in grey Portsmouth.

  3. Oh yes, those goggles are definitely WAY cool, Verity!

    Soak up all the warmth and sunny skies you can, it looks gorgeous!


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