Sunday, 26 February 2012

So it's back from Tenerife to normality, and I have to confess to being pretty irritable today. I'm tired after a week of swimming, it's cold (well, cold compared to Tenerife even if it's much milder than when I left), there are mountains of washing to do (Mr W was away working for most of the week), and I tried and failed dismally to complete the 5k swim that I wanted to earlier (owing to tiredness). And it's back to work tomorrow.

Cake might make things better, but Mr W and I are trying to give up cake and chocolate and pudding for lent. I had an exemption for chocolate over the last week due to the excessive amount of swimming, but the lack of refined carbs (which is basically what I live on) is making me feel grumpy.*

On the plus side, I have been very lucky to have had such an amazing holiday, and I really benefitted from the sun and all of that swimming. Now that I'm back, the days definitely seem to be a bit longer (although it was a little difficult to tell last night as I insisted on keeping my sunnies on for the drive home), and I can see some spring plants appearing.

I definitely need to keep working hard at my swimming over the next few weeks as I have a lot of swim races lined up from the end of May - almost one every 2-3 weeks - so that is the plan, besides work for now.

*I'm trying to work out what I'll do with the extra time free from baking cakes, and concluded that more blogging would be a good option, but since I won't be baking, what will I have to blog about??

PS: The camp organiser has put up photos on his facebook page - you don't have to be a member to view them, so do have a look if you're especially bored here. I'm the one wearing the red hat.


  1. Erika
    I do know that let down feeling and you are probably also pretty tired. But we readers are
    always made happy to hear from you--I hope this helps. Do you bake bread? I have suddenly gone back to this after years of my husband and I not doing so and I am enjoying making white bread with coarse cornmeal, wholewheat bread and oatmeal bread. I do add a little honey and butter and make a very slack doughs--easy on the wrists. Much less fat and sugar and so satisfying all the same.

    1. Thanks Erika, that's a very kind message. It's such a struggle back to waiting on various family member's hospitalisations etc. I do bake bread, and today I overproved a loaf, but hopefully it'll do for sandwiches. I make the same standard white/brown mix (using a mixer, no hand kneading) 1-2 times a week, so I've never thought it worth blogging. Maybe I could try to up my game a bit and make things a bit more interesting?

  2. Nothing like setting yourself challenges! I need a new one as my personal training is coming to an end.

    I thought of you as well when I heard about the Clandestine Cake Club do google them! But perhaps not a good idea with having given it up for lent. Perhaps a treat for afterwards.

    Good luck back at work, it is always a black few days when we go back after a great holiday.

  3. Welcome back Verity. It's been lovely reading about your holiday. Yay to more blogging. Also how have you managed to enable replies to each comment? I looked on the settings last night but couldn't figure it out. Hope Monday not too dreadful for you.

  4. It's been interesting reading about your swimming in Teneriffe. You must be doing very well, in swimming races etc.

    You could blog a bit about books - I've got some O Douglas books I put on Ebay and they didn't sell. Maybe I'll try another site more specialized. Can you suggest any?

    The thought of work is actually worse than it will be when you get there, but I'm no longer in a position to comment as I'm retired now.

    Getting a bit excited just now as I bought a basic turbo trainer for my road bike, which means I can trundle away listening to music or take my laptop in and watch Catch up if it's raining or too windy. That way I will be able to feel a bit fitter and then do the Cycletta North like I did last year. Maybe even improve on my time.


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