Monday, 20 February 2012

Tenerife Part 2

So, the wifi in the hotel isn't too good, which has thus far prevented me from skyping Mr W, so today I'm trying with the wifi up at the swimming pool which is all good so far, except that I forgot my camera cable so can't put any pictures up, which is a shame as I tried my new Fastskin Goggles today and I have some pictures of me looking really really cool!

Tenerife so far is even more wonderful than I could have expected apart from the blasted wisdom tooth (really hoping to avoid a trip to the doctor or dentists for the antibx that I think I need). The food is AMAZING - wonderful buffets full of Verity-friendly-food - I've never seen anything like it. The swimming is fantastic - we are using a 50m pool and a 25m pool. Yesterday we swam in both, including a 90 minute endurance session which was quite tough.

This morning we got up whilst it was still dark and walked to the beach during sunrise to then do some open water swimming in a lagoon in our wetsuits! We had the place to ourselves until a 50 year old woman came in for a skinny dip - we tried to avert our eyes.

After a large breakfast (seriously, could not believe how much the guys were eating!) (well, even I had a large breakfast compared to my usual standards of nothing), we came back up to the swimming facility (about 15 mins walk away) to use the hydrodynamic swim flume, which is a little pool where you swim against a wall of water and they film you from all angles. Would have been quite cool apart from my huge phobia of drains in swimming pools, so it was an achievement for me even to get in.

We've now got a couple of hours before we hit the 50m pool for another hour and a half's swim. I'm hoping the sun will stay out as it's a little cloudy which makes it chilly when we stop swimming for some coaching. Then we'll have a session of swim analysis looking at the videos that the coach has taken, before heading back to the hotel for food. Last night we were booked for dinner at 7.30 but all practically mutinied at the thought of waiting so long, not least because we've all been in bed by 9.30, so it will be an early dinner and another early night I expect.

Hope all's well in England - it's difficult for me to keep up with Google Reader, so do put links to any interesting posts on your blog in the comments so I can have a look when I get back.


  1. Very envious of those warm temps, Verity! It's so frustrating that your wisdom tooth is acting up while you're on holiday but hopefully you can manage any pain with meds. Have a super time and I look forward to those photos of you in your cool new goggles.

  2. Plenty of time or you to catch up on your return. Enjoy all the eating, the weather and the swimming!


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