Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tenerife Part 1

So, Mr W, Bernard and I got up this morning at 4am, and Mr W drove us all to the airport. After a bit of waiting around (and yes, a book purchase, which had to be zipped into my jacket owing to Ryanair's strict cabin baggage rules and my cabin bag already being stuffed to the brim) at the airport, and then a 4 hour flight, I was suddenly in Tenerife! Flew in over the sea (never done that before!) and greeted with sunshine, and a warm breeze. The weather here is about 19/20C today, quite windy, and some cloud, but it's a great improvement on the UK... I was met by another camp participant and we had a transfer to our hotel about half an hour away, which gave me a chance to see a little bit of the island, and now I've got three hours to unpack (why did I bring so much stuff?), try to get online (success) so that hopefully I can skype Mr W tonight, and to purchase some essential supplies (which necessitated an anxious conversation via text message with Mr W where I tried to establish the Spanish for "rice" (Verity friendly) and "wheat" (not Verity friendly). There is a view of the sea from my room window (how strange to see black rather than white/yellow sand) and the hotel itself has a lovely pool if I can muster any energy for any extra swimming. Or maybe I'll be able to collapse on one of those sun loungers...

PS: Wisdom tooth on the other side from the one that caused all the trouble in the Autumn is being tricky - please cross everything that I can get through the week ok!

PPS: Having waited 20 minutes to try to upload my photos and failed, I'm giving up for now which is a shame - I managed to get some on facebook so if you want to look me up there then do :)


  1. Have a lovely time. Extremely envious!

  2. Glad to hear you arrived safely. I forgot about the black sand there, off to look at the photos if I can

  3. My entire family is from the Island of Tenerife! Great blog, btw.

    We both have similar taste in lit.


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