Friday 26 August 2011

Braving the rain was worth it!

I got soaked from my middle down at lunchtime as I trudged through what didn't look like very heavy rain, but was certainly very wet rain, to return some library books that despite being interesting enough to pick up did not seem to capture my attention once home. And, whilst I was there, I decided to browse the shelves once more.

I started in the B's, deciding to pick up another Maeve Binchy to reread:
and then spotted another one which had passed me by when it came out:
I picked up some chick lit by Fiona Gibson and Julia Williams, whose books I have enjoyed previously:
..and I found a Susan Howatch that I hadn't read - I haven't read too many of her books and they are quite weighty but full of plot.
I'm still on the look for books featuring weddings or marriage, so this one caught my eye, although it is a crime novel and might not invovle the happy depictions that I want to read about!
I've been looking forward to reading this one since it was reviewed on Kimbofo's blog - it sounds fascinating to learn about a different culture.

And I also picked up a local history pamphlet of memories about the village where we have just moved too - today it is quite ugly in places (and really far too big to be called a village...), and it is interesting to see how things used to be.

In other news, my two Stella Gibbons books that I mentioned on Wednesday have arrived, and I am halfway through reading Starlight.

I have an exciting literary theme to my Bank Holiday weekend, and hope that I'll have some photos to share with you next week.


  1. A good haul Verity.

    Minding Frankie was one of the books I bought over the least few weeks, I think it is her latest novel. I have never read any before so I am looking forward to it.

    Looking forward to hearing about your literary weekend!

  2. Vrity I adored "Minding Frankie" Maeve's latest offering. I love how she keeps her traditional storytelling style while "moving with the times". I also enjoyed the book for it's take on the current situation in Ireland.

  3. Cashelmara sounds interesting! I'll be looking for your thoughts on that one. :)

  4. Ooh look forward to your Starlight post. I'm eagerly anticipating this novel, too.

  5. I haven't read any of the above. I have just commented on your Lorna Hill link, which I reached from a search.

    I read that you like 'forgotten' books and have recently been reading some of the books by O Douglas (Anna Buchan) and have enjoyed the escapism of them. All are quite upper class with servants and girls stayed at home with their parents generally.

    I'm not sure how I can follow this blog other than making a bookmark of it.

  6. I'm glad lots of you were enthusiastic about Minding Frankie - I enjoyed it greatly. Ditto Starlight.

    Campfire - thanks for dropping in! I have enjoyed the O Douglas books republished by Greyladies, and should look out for more. if you want to follow the blog, you can put your email address into the box in the top left hand corner and you should get emailed the blog posts!

  7. I didn't know Greyladies have republished. I only have two or three to collect and have got them from Ebay.

    One book I was trying to read was The Two Mrs Abbotts, but for some reason they are all expensive. I had Miss Buncle Married, bought a Persephone copy of Miss buncle's book which was quite funny. How dangerous it is collecting sets of books.

    Yes' I'd love to follow the blog, I can knock a couple on the head as it is difficult to follow so many. Did you read my post on Lorna Hill books?

    I'll have to sit down some day and get some titles out to see if anyone else likes them. I don't have a blog of my own as I am not really sure what to write about.

  8. Campfire - I was inspired to order a couple from the library headquaters to read. Look forward to them arriving. Maybe your library will have a copy of the Miss Abbotts book? That was where I read it. If you ever want to write a guest post with some thoughts on the blog, then do let me know!

  9. Hi Verity, which titles did you order from the Library? I might visit the town library which is much better than our local one. I only go into town rarely but might do that instead of looking for books at the charity shops which can take so long.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a guest post. I am enjoying reading your blog but to date have only managed to skip over it as I've been a bit busy since I found it.

    The thing is about collecting these books, what do you do with them afterwards? Is there a site for selling/swapping rather than Ebay, which seems to offer either books at next to nothing or at a much inflated price? My house is small and sooner or later I'll have to call a stop to it!

  10. I was looking at my bookshelves the other day (a sneaky one in the bedroom) and noticed all my Barbara Pym books. They are all quite similar in theme, consisting of spinsters, companions and clergymen, and are set in university towns. The spinsters often fall in love with someone entirely unsuitable and it sometimes works out but they are quite good reading, if you can cope with the gentileness of them.


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