Monday, 22 August 2011

Getting back into the swing of things...or trying to.

It feels like simply ages since we had our Wedding Lunch, and the wedding day itself seems to have receded into dim and distant history, but at the same time I'm struggling to get back into routine. Having had something so exciting on the horizon for over a year, I guess it is not a little surprising that life feels a little strange after it. And frustratingly, it seems to have hit onto my reading too - I had a plethora of wonderful books which I read on my holiday (and because it was a holiday I didn't keep notes to blog about them afterwards), but now I'm back to the dregs of the TBR, and a very disappointing library trip last week.

How nice then to recieve a parcel of two books from my friend Geraldine on Saturday, completely unexpectedly. We had lots of presents for US for our wedding lunch, so how nice to have a present just for ME, the week after :)

I'm heading to the library at lunchtime in the hope that I will find SOMETHING to entice me, and to enable me to start writing more about books on this blog again (although I do have a cake post scheduled for tomorrow!). The highlight of last week's reading was a Maeve Binchy book which I'd not read - even though I thought I'd read all of them as they came out - a good story but not something that I especially want to write about.

In the meantime, ahead of tomorrow's cake post, here's a cake that I made for my friend Kate's birthday at the weekend - the poor girl was stuck in hospital, so I hope this made up for it a little bit, although I was sad that they wouldn't let me take in candles!


  1. Hope you found something enticing in the library today.

    The cake you made for Kate looks lovely, such a shame that they wouldn't let you take birthday cake candles into the hospital ward.

    I have finished one of the two books that arrived in my post on Saturday. Greyladies titles that I'd ordered, so no surprise there.

    Book shaped parcels are always such fun to open, and I was pleased to have two books on hand that I thought might appeal to you.

  2. I had post wedding blues too! What a lovely cake you made for your friend!

  3. I can imagine it must feel a little empty now that the big event has happened. I hope you did find an enticing book in the library. Also, that cake looks wonderful. I'm curious what cake you are going to show off tomorrow. Your posts always make me wish I was a better baker myself.

  4. Do let us know how you get on at the library.

    Post wedding blues are probably expected (though not had the pleasure myself) but think how much more you have to look forward to. You have packed a lot into this year so far and it is only August.

    Your cake baking is inspiring me that is for sure.

  5. Post Wedding Blues are definitely to be expected but will soon pass and the cake looks great

  6. Post wedding blues are awful, particularly when you have already set up all the house stuff together and don't have any of that excitement to follow. P and I came home to a flat with minimal furniture and a lot of boxes.

    Clearly the solution is plenty of cake :)

  7. Just keep glancing at your lovely wedding bands to take the post wedding blues away. What did you think of Greenery St when you re read it on honeymoon?


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