Friday, 19 August 2011

Austria: Bernard's holiday

Bernard was very excited to be going on holiday with us:
Obviously he had a very important job as ring-bearer, and looked after the rings until we left the hotel on our wedding day.
He also kept an eye on the weather forecast:

He enjoyed celebratory champagne :)
But found the wedding day completely exhausting!
But luckily he recovered to enjoy sitting on the balcony of the hotel.


  1. You can always rely on Bernard!

    Glad to know he is a well travelled bear.

  2. Bernard made a Bearilliant job of being your ring bearer, glad he enjoyed the trip to Austria. Hope he'd got his sunglasses and a good SPF cream in his luggage.

  3. looks like Bernard, *&* his Mr. & Mrs, had a lovely time :)


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