Tuesday 23 August 2011

An Xbox 360 cake

As regular readers know, I bake cakes for the organisation Free Cakes for Kids. Just after we got back from Austria, there was a request for a cake for a young carer, a boy aged 10. I waited an for someone to respond, but everyone was busy, so the day after my wedding lunch I found myself in the kitchen once more... It wasn't too much of a hardship, I hasten to add, since I doubled up the quantity of chocolate cake and made one for Mr W and myself :) It was a slightly challenging request for an XBox 360 cake. I'm afraid I wasn't too sure what an XBox 360 was, - and google images showed me that it is literally a BOX which wouldn't have made a terribly exciting cake - so here was what I came up with instead - the light on the cake meant that the photo didn't come out terribly well.

(Oh and here's the one I made for us!)
As it's holiday time, most of the bakers seem to be away, so I've found myself with another request hot on its heels - this time for twins. So hopefully next Tuesday I'll be sharing the TWO cakes that I've baked for them!


  1. What a good interpretation, I hope he loved the cake.

    And K liked your version as well.

  2. A perfect cake for a 10 year-old gamer!

  3. Very impressed with your cakes, and the fact that they're for such a good cause. I can't cook at all, so I like to think I help mankind by staying out of the kitchen. I've kept at least one husband alive for years now by letting him do all the cooking. (btw, he'd be very jealous to know you did the Sound of Music tour. It's his favourite film.) Congrats on the wedding, hope you're enjoying married life!

  4. Thanks all! I LIKED my version too as I made them both gluten free :)

  5. Well done, on making such an uninspiring idea (xbox360) into a cake that looks good enough to eat.

    Of the two I'd opt for the cake that you and Ken had, though him indoors doesn't do chocolate cake, so I'd have to eat it all myself, such a hardship.


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