Monday, 15 August 2011

Austria : the Sound of Music Tour

Hello everyone! It's time to start sharing some photos from the last couple of weeks, and I intend to devote the whole week to a photo fest. Today is my last day before going back to work, and it's nice to revisit some photos to remind me quite how much has gone on as I battle with the tax office to change my name and try to write the remaining 18 thank you letters...

Today I start with my photos from the Sound of Music tour, which I know are hotly anticipated! It proved to be a fantastic way to kick off our trip.

Leopoldskrun Palace - used for the scene where they fall out of the boat.
THE gazebo! ("I am 16 going on 17")

The road from "I have confidence"
The bridge from "Do Re Mi"
Nonnberg Abbey - the nunnery

Mondsee church where the wedding takes place...
...and inside it.

And finally some "Do re mi" scenes from the Mirabell Palace Gardens


  1. Now you've done it...I'm humming already!

  2. That is so, so awesome. I'm glad you got to step into a 'fairytale'. :)

  3. Looks fantastic! Glad you had such a fun time!

  4. I have such fond memories of doing this tour when I was in Salzburg! So glad you had fun on it!

  5. I have also started singing as well!

    I would love to do this tour - was everyone singing? Lovely pictures.

  6. Oh, what fun! Thanks so much for sharing these and I'm glad you've been having such a glorious time!

  7. I love The Sound of Music! The tour looks so good, glad you had a lovely time!

  8. Love these photos!! It's only a matter of time before the movie gets popped into the DVD player, yet again...


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