Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Back from Cornwall

A wonderful trip was had - beautiful sunshine as you can see from these pictures, and I even went into the 9C sea without my wetsuit...twice! More Orange posts later this week, and pictures of Bernard the bear on holiday, and baking from the cupboards later tonight (with a guest baking!)

PS: And thank you to those of you who left kind birthday wishes :)


  1. Welcome home, Verity, Ken and Bernard the brilliant bear.

  2. Welcome back - hope you had a good time. The photos are lovely.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!
    The scenery is stunning and how wonderful to have managed a couple of swims! Welcome back!

  4. Welcome back, Verity! Hope you had a restful time away and stored up lots of visions of that gorgeous landscape.

  5. What beautiful photos! Very belated at this point, but happy birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day.


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