Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Joan mentioned that she'd been hoping for a December round up from me - so, somewhat belatedly since we are now into January, here it is!

Ending with FLU, the month began far more auspiciously with an early start to the festive season.
I delighted in seeing The Snowman for the third time, and did some book-shopping on the cheap with a good friend and fellow biblioblogger.
I was disturbed to find out that I look like a flailing spider when I swim in a session at Swim Therapy (which I hope improved my stroke)
We entertained family and friends with a wonderful advent tea where we all admired K's gingerrbread architecture.
I made mince pies for the first time (and they were gluten free too!)
We went to London and participated in tuba carols.
I was incredibly touched to be included in the Persephone Secret Santa!
We had a double-bill-ballet weekend.
I was left in charge of the library (well, it might have only been the Reader Services department) during the last week before Christmas and had to contend with snow, leaking roofs, clouds of dust, first aid incidents and people making stack requests using Stephen Fry's new library card.
We dashed through the snow on Christmas Day to visit many of my future in-laws.
We thought Matthew Bourne's Cinderella was FABULOUS.
And finally, I managed to do some proper reading which was just wonderful.
Until I got flu...

January will be a month of...
Being back to work (when this posts tomorrow night, I will have done the first day) (and it will be busy)
Working on Sundays
Starting to train properly for my 1ok swim next September
Planning my hen party
Working out how we will get to our wedding
Finding somewhere to make our wedding rings
Visiting a friend in London
Doing plenty of baking!


  1. What a delightful post. It is lovely to see all the things you have done during December. I might pinch this idea if you don't mind.

  2. You certainly did a lot of things in December - even with the flu!

    I look forward to hearing about all your pre wedding stuff.

  3. Hurrah very much enjoyed reading this post. I can never get enough of hearing about, and then daydreaming planning my own, Advent Tea Party. Ooh excited to hear about your hen party plans.

  4. Sounds to me like like you have some busy but very exciting times ahead!


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