Monday, 1 November 2010

September and October reading

I never got around to posting my reading from September, so here's a bumper 2 month post. Again, it hasn't been a hugely vintage time for reading - I've read a lot more Babysitters Club books and reacquainted myself with Jacqueline Wilson, I've continued to read a random selection of non fiction from the library. I have now read over 800 books this year... Probably the highlights of the last 2 months were discovering Wilkie Collins, the latest Shopaholic book by Sophie Kinsella and also an incredibly well written, "Little black dress" book, called The Chalet Girl by Kate Lace. It was also the month where I got into audiobooks for the first time and I enjoyed baking from The Great British Book of Baking. Although I got a copy of a book that I have been looking forward to for sometime, I have still yet to read it (Nella Last in the 1950's)

I have no specific plans for November - my TBR is down to 10 items, most of which I'm saving for Christmas, so it will be a case of what I can lay my hands on at the library. I have quite a long "wish list" at the library (a new function on the catalogue where you can make a note of books that you want to borrow), but as most of them are in high demand or at other branches, it will depend on how many spare 85p's I have...

So here's the list - my codes are C = childrens, AB = autobiography, NF = non fiction, RR = reread.

White tiger Adiga, Arund
Claudia and the great search Martin, Ann C
Ways with noodles Wagamama NF
Mallory hates boys (and gym) Martin, Ann C
Truth, dare or promise ed, Heron, Liz AB
Storm in a teacup Cavendish, Lucy
Claudia's friend Martin, Ann C
Arthur Ransome and Captain Flint's Trunk Hardyment, Christina NF RR
First term at Cottisford Smith, Liz C
Six ponies Pullein-Thompson, Jo C
Hand that first held mine O'Farrell, Maggie
Haweswater Hall, Sarah
Favourite Lakeland Recipes
The doctor's children Elder, Josep
Damaris dances Oxenham, E.J. C
Welcome to life De Smith, Alice
South of the lights Huth, Angela
Judy the guide EBD C
More about Maddy Hill, Lorna C
Still Alice Genova, Lisa
Sophie is seven Smith, Dick King C
Swimming Keegan, Nicola
Stacey and the mystery of Stoneybrook Martin, Ann C
A cautious approrach Middleton, Stanley
Wedding Survival Guide Taylor, Kate NF
Mary Anne's Makeover Martin, Ann C
Dawn's family feud Martin, Ann C
Desert of the heart Rule, Jane VMC
Claudia and the perfect boy Martin, Ann C
healthy eating for kids Bean, Anita NF
Mallory Pike, no.1 fan Martin, Ann C
Easy to make Christmas Good housekeeping NF
Kristy and Mr Mum Martin, Ann C
10 reasons not to fall in love Green, Linda
Singled out Nicolson, Virginia NF
Peter and Paul Scarlett, Susan
School by the river EBD C
The way we were Noble, Elizabeth
Summer camp Jones, Allan Frewin C
A married woman Kapur, Manja
Charm of North Cornwall Drew, Allan NF
Jessi and the trouble maker Martin, Ann C
Mary Reilly Martin, Valerie
Kristy and the nasty nappies Martin, Ann C
News where you are O'Flynn, Catherine
Skate school Woodward, Kay C
That uncertain feeling Amis, Kingsley
Claudia and the first thanksgiving Martin, Ann C
Business as usual Jane Oliver
Up and down Jeffers, Oliver C
Arthur Ransome and the world of S + A Wardale, Arthur NF
My sister Jodie Wilson, Jacqueline C
Secret life of France Wadham, Lucy NF
Do you come here often? Potter, Alexandra C
Family life made easy Saunders, Grace NF
Woman who painted her dreams Dewar, Islar
Parent trouble Jones, Allan Frewin C
CS reunion EBD C RR
Abby's lucky thirteen Martin, Ann C
Dead secret Collins, Wilkie
Passion flower Ure, Jean C
Mini shopaholic Kinsella, Sophie
Cooking for girls
Confetti confidential McQueen, Holly
Secret life of Bletchley Park
Kristy and the worst kid ever Martin, Ann C
A very private eye Pym, Barbara AB RR
The chalet girl Lace, Kate
My animal life Gee, Maggie AB
On thin ice Woodward, Kay C
Dawn (California Diaries) Martin, Ann C
WI Complete Christmas Cook, Sian NF
Kristy and the copycat Martin, Ann C
Great veg challenge Hume, Charlotte NF
Giving up the ghost Mantel, Hilary AB RR
Louisa the ballerina Geras, Adele C
Honourable estate Brittain, Vera VMC
Every woman's guide to digestive health Felaney, Jill NF
Summer of the bear Pollen, Bella
Stacey's crush Martin, Ann C
Passing on Lively, Penelope
Mary Anne and Miss Priss Martin, Ann C
Whoopie pie book Ptak, Clare NF
Perfect proposal Fforde, Katie
Christmas treats Collister, Linda NF
Cake decorating tricks McMahon, Sue NF
Legacy of Cain Collins, Wilkie
Ghost light O'Connor, Joseph
Behind the scenes at the museum of baked beans Davies, Hunter NF
Ice lolly Ure, Jean C
Ella at the wells Hills, Lorna C
Beach hits Green, Rod NF
Grey skies, green waves Anderson, Tom NF
Service of clouds Hill, Susan
Jessi's horrible prank Martin, Ann C
Mary Anne breaks the rules Martin, Ann C
School dinners Thom, Becky NF
Starring Tracey Beaker Wilson, Jacqueline C
Maggie (California Diaries) Martin, Ann C
Light years Gee, Maggie
Clean break Wilson, Jacqueline C
The haunted hotel Collins, Wilkie
They were sisters Whipple, Dorothy P RR
Midnight Wilson, Jacqueline C
Family roundabout Crompton, Richmal P RR
Stacey's choice Martin, Ann C
Girls guide to being a boss
Stacey's broken heart Martin, Ann C


  1. What an impressive list, I love seeing what others are reading.

  2. Apart from the Persephones near the end, I haven't read any of these (not even the BSC, which seem to be later and I was too old to read by then).

  3. oh a whoopie pie book - have you made any yet? Do blog about it - they look and sound scrumptious.

  4. LE - quite a lot of them were very easy reads.

    Claire - yes, I've read most of the early BSC ones now, so onto the later ones!

    Joan - no I haven't - I can't quite seem to get into the frame of mind for them :(


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