Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Back to the Great British Book of Baking

I mentioned when I first wrote about the Great British Book of Baking that there were many more recipes that I wanted to try - here's a couple more.

Firstly, Chocolate Shortbread:

This is literally just a regular shortbread recipe, with a proportion of the flour replaced with cocoa - which I think makes a nice change. It smells amazing!

And secondly, Mark's Marmalade Loaf:

Stunning colours and absolutely stunning smell. What is interesting about this loaf is that the flavours and scent really intensified after 24 hours, which made me wonder about whether some of the contestants lost out a bit, having to present their cakes immediately after baking. Technically this wasn't really a marmalade loaf, it was really a spiced, nutty loaf with marmalade glaze. I think another time I'd improve it with at least some zested orange, if not some marmalade, or a layer of marmalade in the middle.

I've also been enjoying the blogs of a couple of the contests - particularly Ruth Clemens at The Pink Whisk - and ED, who won, at The boy who bakes.


  1. Must have chocolate IMMEDIATELY!!! I am drooling over those shortbread. Not good for my keyboard AT ALL.

  2. The marmalafe cake looks and sounds delicious.

  3. yummy looking marmalade loaf. i'm such a marmalade piglet, it's one of my favourite things.

  4. Your loaf pan liners would be a timesaver for me, I practically have to do origami with parchment paper to get the same thing! Now that I know they exist I'll be keeping my eye out for them. Can you tell I don't spend much time in kitchen shops?

    Everything looks delicious, Verity!

  5. Chocolate, shortbread and marmalade...all things that I love. I have never tried mixing in cocoa into a shortbread dough. I usually make a ganache and dip the shortbread halfway into it but it really is too much. I will have to look out for a recipe like yours. Sounds like it would be more subtle.

  6. Mmmmm!!! The marmalade loaf looks *delicious*. Thank goodness I've just had lunch :)


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