Sunday, 31 October 2010

The month of October

Last month I enjoyed writing a round up of September, inspired by Joan at flowers and stripes, and I'm going to do it again. JoAnn at Lakeside Musing managed to do an alphabetised list of her month - I tried to do it, but it was a bit beyond me.

Here's what October was for me...

Reached total of £1550+ raised for Mind, with my epic swim, in memory of my dear friend Emily, and realised that this means over £3100 raised in two years!
Marked the anniversary of Emily's death by going to a singing day with John Rutter.
Huge sadness with bereavement in K's family.
Much tiredness.
Wonderful support from friends.
A few new books due to the kindness of a friend and a preorder - cheered up the lack of books being bought.
Learned to make pastry in my Kenwood mixer and made 2 quiches.
Took up Get Latin Fit class as so bored of staring at the bottom of the swimming pool whilst ploughing endlessly up and down in an attempt to stay fit.
Began preparing for Christmas:
Started frantically cross stitching Christmas cards; did a number of Christmas trees, 2 Forever Friends and now enjoying a set of The Snowman.
Made mincemeat, and plan to make Christmas chutney.
Tried to persuade K to help me make Christmas cards with spray paint, as incapable of cross stitching 60 cards..
Completed all my Christmas shopping, bar K who still hasn't made up his mind.
Started dropping hints left, right, and centre for things that I would like (isn't twitter great!)

In November, I'm looking forward to...
Making more preparations for Christmas.
The arrival of our piano!
Going to the ROH to see Sylvia, K's birthday present from me.
Trying desperately to be frugal...
Hopefully seeing the husband of a good friend at the end of the month - if I can't see her, seeing him is the next best thing!


  1. It sounds like October was a very emotional month. I need to start thinking about Christmas, too, but must get past the girls college applications first. You're getting a piano? Do both of you play? Twin B is the best in our family.... I come in a dismal third (only ahead of the two non-players).

    I just posted my monthly review... did the ABC's again. So much fun to write!

  2. Cross Stitch Cards - oh if there was only time. I am making decorations again this year. My Cross Stitch bug seems to be having a rest at the moment.

  3. Lovely to read about your month - I need to start thinking about Christmas card making. Will you be making pastry for your mince pies?
    Hope November isn't as emotional as October was for you.

  4. I'm very jealous about the arrival of the piano!!

  5. JoAnn - yes, we do both play, not very well, but enough to amuse ourselves.

    Jo - I've never made decorations so look forward to seeing yours.

    Joan - of course! I have made chutney too now for Christmas.

    Karen - I can't wait - K should find out today when it'scoming!

  6. Oooh I'd love to see some pics of your cards. I don't do xmas shopping until after my Bday at the end of this month. I want my own pressies first! Always impressed by peeps who have managed it though.

  7. October was a heavy month for you.

    I can't believe you have finished your Christmas shopping - I haven't even begun mine! However, I like to take my time over it (I LOVE Christmas shopping - not the physical shopping itself but planning what to give people).

  8. Like JoAnn said, it sounds like October was an emotional month for you. And in that respect I hope November will be quieter for you.

    I would be very excited about getting a piano, and I do not play..

  9. Le - I will put up pics of my cards in due course - have had so much fgun making them.

    Claire - I love it too and it makes me excited about Christmas, but there is a slight stress element too it which makes me want to get it done.

    Iris - thank you. I hope the piano will be there when I get back from work tonight.


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