Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Three new acquisitions

Well, I haven't exactly gone back on my no-book-buying, but I was extremely lucky to recieve three new books last week (all of which have sadly gone unopened; I'm afraid I was absent at the end of last week due to some bad family news on my fiance's side, which somehow seemed to occupy my time and thoughts too much to do anything constructive readingwise/anythingwise/certainly blogging wise).

However, I would like to thank my friend Claire, at Paperback Reader, for two of these books. Claire spent two weeks doing work experience at Random House (which you can read a little about here) and she sent me two books which she thought I'd like.

Firstly, Goodbye to Berlin, one of the gorgeous Vintage classics (and you can see quite how fabulous the cover is in the picture at the bottom of this post). I read this book just before starting my A Levels; my history teacher wanted us to read something about the Weimar Republic before we started to study it - it was a fabulous idea as it really introduced me to the idea of putting things in context by reading outside of textbooks. With the Christopher Isherwood revival earlier this year when A single man was at the cinemas, it's definitely timely to read it again.

Secondly, The whoopie pie book. As you know, baking is something that I love, and Whoopie Pies are right on trend - this year's cupcakes. I got quite excited about the idea of them in the summer, but never got around to baking any, so I will surely be having a go at these very soon.

Finally, Nella Last in the 1950s. Ok, yes, this was a purchase, but it was a pre-order, and according to one of my bookish colleagues, they don't count (well, I know they do, and have argued with her over this, but for the purposes of this blog post they don't). I mentioned earlier that I coveted this book; I immensely enjoyed the last two volumes, and think that this may well be the thing to occupy me on my evenings alone this week.


  1. Sorry about the sad news, Verity, :( I've been thinking of you and Ken.

    What a cheering parcel, though! How kind of Claire. I think she should be working there permanently, and give us all gifts of free books! (Claire?!?!)

    I will be waiting with much excitement to read your thoughts on the Nella book. Also on the Whoopie Pies, as they are everywhere here and I have NO idea what they are.

  2. I never heard of a whoopie pie before. they look great - kind of like an extreme version of an Oreo!

    Happy reading, I hope it helps to lift your mood. thinking of you both x

  3. Sorry to hear you've had some upset, Verity. Books are always a comfort so I'm glad you've had some new ones come your way...no matter how.

  4. Ah, I am quite inclined to agree with Rachel that it would be a fabulous state of affairs for me to be working at RH full-time & supplying all my blogging friends with review copies!

    I loved what you said about Isherwood and socio-historical context.

    I hope these bookish arrivals provided you with some modicum of comfort & I'm looking forward to giving you the third in person xx

  5. Rachel - thank you very much for your kind message. It was actually three cheering parcels and I have to say that I agree with you, as did Claire.

    Pooky - they look fun but possibly a bit overrated - I'm not sure. I was looking at the book last night and will have a go in due course.

    Darlene - I've been meaning to email you and v. sorry that I haven't got around to it yet. New books are lovely! Although it is not comforting to realise that I lack space for them.

    Claire - I can't wait to get the third one in person either - I am a lucky lucky person :) Am actually really looking forward to an Isherwood reread, that may well be my next rucksack book.

  6. Sorry to hear your fiance and you have had some bad news. I hope you're finding comfort together.

    Please don't say pre-orders count! I've only just discovered the joy of them and don't want to come down to earth just yet. Oh and I've had whoopies this year - nice, but not as cool as cupcakse in my opinion (especially balck forest gateau cupcakes, but I can't remember where they came form now).

  7. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear you've been having a rough time :( I'm so glad you got some new books which I hope helped cheer you up a little. I'm very envious of the Whoopie pie cookbook - as you already know, I love Violet cakes!


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