Friday, 23 July 2010

Off on a break...

I've got the next week off work, and although I'm not away for the whole time, I'm planning on having a bit of a blogiday (that's my new word for blogging holiday). We're heading off to Cornwall to do the Padstow - Rock swim, and then spending some time at home (with a behind the scenes visit to a National Trust property nearby to see its library while they're shut) before heading back to the South West for a wedding. It's months since my fiance and I have been away, so I had a stack of new books on my TBR to choose from. The picture above shows my selection (I know, it's a lot for 2 nights, but it's important to have choice, so you need proportionally more books for 2 nights than you do for a week).

So what have I got? I've written about many of these on my recentish TBR post so I'll keep the descriptions brief.
The wavewatcher's companion - kindly sent to me by Bloomsbury - absolutely perfect for a seaside trip (I'll post the view from the hotel room we'll be staying in at the bottom of this post!)
Sandy - a book abouta boy growing up in Cornwall at the end of the 19th century - have actually already started dipping into this to get me into holiday mood.
Summer Term - Susan Pleydell - seemed appropriate to read this Greyladies title at this time of year, although the schools are just about broken up now.
South of the lights - Angela Huth - I enjoy her novels and when I spotted this one in Oxfam which I had come across I thought it would make a nice light holiday read.
The school at Skelton Hall
- Elinor Brent Dyer - the first of a pair of non Chalet School titles which I've never read, brought back into print by GGBP.
The school on North Barrule - Mabel Esther Allen - another Fidra book which I spotted very cheaply on Amazon - I have enjoyed some of her other Fidra books.
Juliet Naked - Nick Hornby - this has been on my TBR for a while, but looks like something holidayish - I've enjoyed Hornby's other novels.
Dreaming of Amelia - Jaclyn Moriarty - I love Moriarty's YA books, Feeling sorry for Celia in particular is a fantastic read. They don't seem to get much publicity and the publication of this one passed me by. It is delightfully chunky, but I know it will be enjoyable.

And as promised, this is where I'll be sitting and reading - the beauty of where we are staying is that even if I am poorly or the weather is rubbish we can still sit and look at the sea and enjoy being somewhere completely different.


  1. I'm not sure I agree that you need more books for two nights than for a week, but it looks as though you have a good pile. Enjoy your time away!

  2. Happy holidays, reading and a fabulous time in Cornwall.

  3. What a beautiful view! Whatever you're doing have a lovely time!

  4. Enjoy your holiday and gazing at the surf!

  5. Enjoy your blogiday. What a view!!

  6. Enjoy your holiday. By the way have you read Mabel Esther Allan's The Conch Shell.It's a nice gentle girl-coming-of-age story set in Cornwall.

  7. have a lovely holiday Verity and enjoy your reading and time with the OH

  8. I hope you have a lovely holiday! And I'm curious how you'll like Julier, Naked. I loved High Fidelity, but had trouble with some of Hornby's other books, A long way down.. for example.

  9. Have a lovely time Verity, that is a lovely view to see every day!


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