Thursday, 15 July 2010

A trip for supplies (domestic arts 8)

I frequently blog about domestic arts on Thursdays, mainly because I have the morning off work, and often spend it doing something domesticky (I always clean the kitchen, and hoover unless my fiance offers to do it (which he has done for the last few weeks), but I usually manage to bake or make something). Although I did make some bread in the mixer (a country loaf, which I left baking under the supervision of my fiance (I checked that he knew how to tell when it was done and was impressed when he said "you tap it on the bottom and it sounds hollow) and made some humous to have with it tonight, this morning's main activity was a whistle stop trip to the Hobbycraft shop. I'd not been to Hobbycraft before, but I needed some cross stitch thread that I couldn't find in the shop in town. What a wonderful experience! If you haven't come across Hobbycraft, it is a shop filled to the brim with every kind of arts and crafts equipment you need - highlights for me were the cake decorating section, a huge section on wedding parapenalia, a whole aisle of beads, and lots of cross stitch materials (there were also kits for all sorts of other activities, paints, frames...). It won't surprise you to learn that I came away with a lot more than just my 99p thread...I got the latest Cake decorating magazine, a Dolls house magazine (I have a beauitful dolls house at home and although I don't ever make things from it I thought I would have fun looking through it), about 10 very small cross stitch kits to make cards with, and actual cards to put them in, a new butterfly plunger sugarcraft cutter, and a big plastic pink box to keep my cross stitching things in - they have until now been languishing in a bin bag behind the sofa. Definitely a great way to spend my morning off!

(I should also add a postscript, that Hobbycraft turned out to be next door to Lakeland Limited. We weren't going to go in (as it invariably turns out to be an expensive experience), but my fiance said "It'll be ok, we don't need anything". Famous last words. It turned out that we did need a silicon spatula but unfortunately they had them in every colour other than pink, so we didn't get one of those. But I did spot a wonderful moulded cake tin in the Sale section:
I have the same tin in a heart design, and couldn't resist buying this one too when I saw it was reduced from £8.99 to £2.49. This picture comes from the Lakeland site; I'll have a go in due course and show you the results!)


  1. I love the look of that crazy mould!

    My flatmates and I used to go to Hobbycraft on bank holidays and buy loads of stuff and make things together. I miss those days! Hobbycraft is amazing - there's nothing you can't buy!

  2. Hobbycraft and Lakeland are stores that should have a warning over the front door, telling you to beware of spending too much money.

    Look forward to seeing the photos of the creations that result from these purchases.

  3. Looking forward to seeing a picture of 'The Cake That Came Out Of That Cake Mould' - it was indeed necessary to buy it.

  4. Joan - it definitely was. I think it is somewhat Christmassy so may save it for a while.

    Geraldine - yes, or a safe deposit box where credit cards can be left. I thought of you whilst we were there as they had knitting things too!

    Rachel - that sounds like good fun. I don't think I had better take my best friend as it would not be good for her bank balance!

  5. Hobbycraft is lethal isn't it, there's just so much stuff!!

  6. I used to have a pen-pal in Japan and her Mum made an outfit for The Heiress. I sent her back a cross-stitch card with a chickadee which I made myself. Nobuko's Mum was intrigued and took up the craft herself to the point of forgetting to eat!

    Enjoy your craft loot, domestic goddess you!

  7. Looks like we may be going to Cambridge tomorrow, that's our nearest Lakeland store.

    How nice of you to think of me while you were in Hobbycraft.

  8. I was very good today in the Lakeland store in Cambridge, came out with just the two items I'd gone in there to buy.

  9. That's impressive Geraldine :)


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