Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Some new toys...

I have some new toys for the kitchen...I don't know which I am more excited about...

Our new Kenwood Food mixer with blender and food processing attachment
which arrived on Saturday, and which represents OH and my present to ourselves in celebration of booking our wedding (a belated engagement present perhaps and our first jointly owned domestic appliance).

Or this:
My beautiful new cake stand and matching slicer. (I also have matching cake forks and am dropping copious hints about matching teaspoons).

The cake, BTW, is just a regular jam sponge, although with homemade jam in the middle. But it was mixed in the new Kenwood mixer. I'll be having more of a play around with it in due course - I think it will depend on the size and type of things that I bake as to whether I use it or not. I already have a bread machine but that can be quite limiting in the type of bread that you make so I am looking forward to trying out some other sorts of loaves using the mixer. But what we've used it most for is making smoothies in the blender! If you have a mixer, what is your favourite thing to make in it?


  1. Oooh! The kenwood food mixer is the most exciting! I got one last year and I love it! It makes cakes so much lighter. I also bought the sausage making attachment for my husband and we love making sausages - they are the best we've ever tasted. Enjoy your new toy!

  2. I love the photo of you in the box. Fantastic. When I come to your blog, I always feel at home and want to pull up a chair and have a chat over a slice of one your cakes. You have a real talent for making people feel at home.

  3. "Just a regular jam sponge?" It looks like an incredibly delicious and light jam sponge to me!

    Thumbs up for both the delightful looking cake and the use of box as prop in photo.

  4. Hi Verity,

    Lovely toys. When it's mango season here in Australia and they are cheap and perhaps going a little mushy, I scoop one into a smoothie, along with a peach or two. Very fine.

    Yea for Kenwood mixers. Mine is a vintage one from a garage sale. Not sexy retro vintage, just old vintage, but very powerful and makes divine pizza dough. Could never go back to store bought pizza bases. The whole homemade pizza holy grail is of course an entire science in its own right that I have been perseverating over for at least five years! One of those enjoyable sort of obsessions...and an obsession over which there seem to be a host of blog posts if you start looking!

  5. I don't have a blender, but some kind of mixer that does mostly the same as a blender and I love making smoothies in it. Especially during the summer.

    I like the cake stand as well!

  6. I love the picture of you in the box!! My Food processor broke past week so I am going to have to go appliance shopping soon, so exciting when they come in such a big box!!

  7. Congratulations, Verity! Love the pic of you in the box with the backdrop of Viragos :)

  8. That's such a cute photo of you :)

    Beautiful cake stand and matching slicer.

    I love my smoothie maker and throw in anything from berries and juice to peanut butter, ovaltine and banana (a breakfast smoothie from Nigella Express). You've reminded me that I haven't used it for a while; I also use it to blend soup.

  9. Jackie - I think it does make cakes lighter, but it makes more washing up! The sausage attachment sounds intriguing.

    Vivienne - thank you for your kind words. There's always plenty of cake on offer here!

    Tea lady - it was pronounced delicious by my fiance :)

    Merenia - hurrah for Kenwoods - they're supposed to last and last and last (fiance's Mum had hers for 30 years, and my mum's had hers for 25 and its still going). I hope ours lasts, but I hope our marriage will outlast it!

    Iris - smoothies are our new favourite.

    Dot - appliance shopping is so much fun :)

    Digifish - yes, there were quite a few VMCs on that sehlf!

    Claire - that smoothie sounds seriously weird,

  10. Just love the photo of you in the box - what a cute idea!

  11. so when can I come round for tea is all I have to say!

  12. Ha! Why is it so much fun to climb inside a box?!

    I am super jealous. One day I want a bright red kenwood mixer. The day I get that will be the day I am a grown up because I will have £300 to spend on kitchen equipment. That is adulthood to me!

    Enjoy making lovely cakes! I do everything by hand which is why I make them so infrequently - creaming butter and sugar exhausts my puny arm muscles!


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