Friday, 30 April 2010

April Reading

There's not been much let-up in the number of books read here at the B Files in April. 110 was this month's total, taking me to 375 for the year so far. It's been a slightly different month to those earlier in the year; I spent the first 10 days on holiday in Cornwall, and treated myself to reading many lovely books that I had been saving. This included several republished children's books and some Greyladies titles (of which I was lucky enough to have three more from my parents for my birthday!). I spent quite a bit of time reading Orange related titles, from both this years list - an especial highlight was The still point, which was another birthday gift - and from previous longlists, and I intend to continue my project of reading from previous longlists over the next few months, with an "Orange Wednesday" feature on my blog. I have also read a lot of baking and cake decorating books (which I shall be posting about over the weekend). I also reread some favourite books, starting on the Sue Barton nurse books which I haven't read since I was at school. As a result, I have read less VMCs, none of which particularly stood out.

Apart from The still point, my favourite reads this month were: Treveryan (Angela Du Maurier), Rambles beyond railways (Wilkie Collins), Clothes Pegs (Susan Scarlett), The white family (Maggie Gee), Still missing (Beth Gutcheon - review to come during Persephone Reading Week) and Sex and stravinsky (Barbara Trapido - I am going to hear her talk about this book at the end of May). Fiona Cairn's cake book - Bake and decorate - and Jane Brocket's The gentle art of domesticity were the stand out non fiction rads.

What are my plans for May? It kicks off with Persephone Reading week, and I mentioned my plans for that yesterday. I've still got a stack of library books which have been chosen from Orange longlists. I've got quite a pile of interesting looking VMCs which I've acquired over the last week or so. And I intend to read some more about sugarcraft and cake baking (or at least admire the lovely pictures!). I am sure I will be borrowing many other books from the library too!

Rites of spring Jessica Duchen
Pissed off parents club Mink Elliot
Return of the soldier West, Rebecca VMC
The passion of Alice Grant, Stephanie
My driver Gee, Maggie
Steer by the stars Fitzroy, Olivia C
Snapped in Cornwall Bolitho, Janie
Treveryan Du Maurier, Angela
Clothes Pegs Scarlett, Susan
Once a land girl Huth, Angela
American wife Sittenfeld, Curtis
Life with the lid on Hopkinson, Nicola AB
How to paint a dead man Hall, Sarah
Barbara Hepworth : a memoir Gardiner, Margaret
Buried in Cornwall Bolitho, Janie
Framed in Cornwall Bolitho, Janie
Taking the plunge Lewis, Stacey
Rambles beyond railways Collins, Wilkie
The marriage book Lee, Sila NF
Convent on styx Mitchell, Gladys
Dry rot and daffodils Mackie, Mary AB
Hunting and gathering Gavalda, Anna
Eliza's common Douglas, O
The charm of North Cornwall Drew, Alan NF
Louisa Brown, Pamela C
The Vicarage Family Hill, Lorna C
It's only the sister Du Maurier, Angela AB
Faith fox Gardam, Jane
Death on tiptoe Ashby, RC
The whicharts Streatfeild, Noel
Hungry Hill DDM VMC
Frogspawn and floor polish Mackie, Mary AB
Control freak chronicles Tucker, Sarah
The village Farrell, Nigel NF
The still point Sackvill, Amy O
We met our cousins Cannan, Joanna C
A proper place Douglas, O
Sweet intensity of everyday life Nicholson, William
Jurassic Mary Pierce, Patricia B
One day in May Alliott, Catherine
A woman's guide to adultery Chewlow, Carol VMC
The white woman on a green bicycle Roffey, Monique O
Still life on sand Hayes, Karen
Island of adventure Blyton, Enid C RR
Alexander's bridge Cather, Willa VMC
Twisted Heart Gowers, Rebecca O
Miss Dahl's voloptuous delights Dahl, Sophie NF
Falling angels Chevalier, Tracy
The clash Wilkinson, Ellen VMC
The last weekend Morrison, Blake
Touch and go Berridge, Elizabeth
101 recipes for kids BBC Good Food NF
Several perceptions Carter, Angela VMC
Call of Cornwall Baker, Frank NF
How the light gets in Hyland, MJ
Bobbin up Hewett, Dorothy VMC
The earth hums in B flat Strachan, Maria
Positively yours Hearty, Amanda
Solar McEwan, Ian
Shiny pennies and grubby pinafores Foley, Winifred AB
Sue Barton : student nurse Boylston, Helen Dore RR
Three sisters Sinclair, May VMC
To heaven by water Cartright, Justin
The devil's music Rusbridge, Jane
Memoir McGahern, John AB
Wintle's wonders Streatfeild, Noel C RR
The last summer O'Brien, Kate VMC
Joy luck club Tan, Amy
Taxi driver's daughter Darling, Julia
Where the apple ripens Kessoon, Jessie VMC
The hours before dawn Fremlin, Celia VMC
In and out of the forest Foley, Winifred AB
The white family Gee, Maggie O
Something borrowed Reilly, Tina
She knew she was right Litivinoc, Ivy
Junior officer's reading club Hennessy, Patrick NF
Fireworks Carter, Angela VMC
Major Pettigrew's last stand Simonsen, Helen
Sue barton: senior nurse Boylston, Helen Dore RR
The camping book Douglas, Ed NF
Bake my I'm yours…cookie Smith, Lindy NF
The hummingbird bakery cookbook Malouf, Talek NF
Dancing girls Atwood, Margaret VMC
Foolish lessons in life and love Rudge, Helen
Mother's guide to cheating Long, Kate
Still missing Gutcheon, Beth P
Some sunny day Lynn, Vera AB
Offshore Fogle, Ben NF
Princess Priscilla's fortnight Arnim, Elizabeth von
The crimson rooms MacMahon
Sue Barton: visiting nurse Boylston, Helen Dore RR
Sapphira and the slave girl Cather, Willa VMC
The bonesetter's daughter Tan, Amy O
The gluten-free casein free diet Lord, Susan NF
Gentle art of domesticity Brocket, Jane NF
Paradise Morrison, Toni O
Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad Rowlatt, Bee NF
Advice for strays Kilkers, Justine
Bake and decorate Cairns, Fiona NF
At the still point Benson, Mary VMC
Sex and Stravinsky Trapido, Barbara
Sue Barton: Rural nurse Boylston, Helen Dore RR
The spoilt kill Kelly, Mary VMC
Old maid remembers Du Maurier, Angela AB
Healthy eating for IBS Braimbridge NF
The sufferer's guide to coping with IBS IBS Research Update NF
Understanding your irritable bowel Silk, David NF
Cupcakes Blake, Susannah NF
The world of Thrush Green Miss Read AB
Prefects at the chalet school EBD C RR


  1. Just saw mention of Up With the Larks: Starting again in Cornwall by Tessa Hainsworth, in the paper today. Not sure if it's your kind of thing but have just reserved it from the library. Just thought I would pop in and mention another Cornish book to you.

  2. Thanks Cath - I read it at the tail end of last year - very light but enjoyable

  3. Ah right, glad I didn't give into temptation and buy it then - a library read will do me fine.


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