Friday, 15 June 2012

Reading SLUMP

It’s been a bit of a blogging slump too, and I guess for the same reasons.  Too much openwater swimming and triathlon, too much occupying myself at work, gardening to be done, and too many vegetable box vegetables to be put into eating form.  I’ve barely read a thing for weeks with the possible exception of magazines (mainly on healthy living and triathlon and swimming) and a few Brownie books and Chalet school fill ins.  However, I started reading one Chalet School fill in on Monday, and I still haven’t finished it.  I realised I must be in a slump at lunchtime today when I went to the library and nothing caught my eye at all and I came out empty handed with the exception of a DVD borrowed in an attempt to make me sit down at lunchtime.  The swimming is great and I’m desperate to make the most of the short season available but it IS time consuming.

I feel like I’m failing a bit.  I had plans at the beginning of the year and I’m not really delivering on them.  Oh well.  I think I need to get back to small and realistic goals, such as an hour of cross stitch a week,  taking at least one of my tea breaks a day and using it to read rather than run errands. 

Since I stopped getting the weekend newspapers I've missed out on reviews of recent books published and I've barely got time to do more than skim blog posts at the moment (apologies also for lack of commenting!) so ifyou've read or come across any recent books which I might like, let me know and I'll try to get them from the library!

Anyway, tomorrow I have a large group of people who I have mainly never met before coming to my house for tea.  I’ll write more in due course (I hope!) (determined to find some time to write this weekend) but perhaps from this photo of a cake that I made for tomorrow you can tell what we all have in common?


  1. Gorgeous cake! I must be thick cos don't know what group is about, but hope you enjoy your afternoon. You're always so talented Verity! Your schedule frankly sounds exhausting, and not only do you work and do the swimming, but also run a household. Frankly I think it's amazing you manage to thread a needle or read one book. Things will calm down though - summer always so busy with gardening, outdoor sports etc. You'll be happy to be back to more sewing and reading come autumn I expect. Just take care of yourself in the mean time please.

  2. You do so well with you what you fit in to life, that please look after yourself and recognise what you have done especially the swimming and triathalon which from your pictures you are obviously enjoying.

    Everyone has reading slumps, life gets in the way. The books will always be there when you want to come back and I bet you start reading with vigour!

    Take care and enjoy the cake, I assume something vegetarian?

  3. Hooray! It's a Virago apple and it's our Virago LibraryThing group. I've met a few of us already (if you know what I mean) and we're all lovely. Everyone has reading slumps - I just had to force myself through the end of my last read by staying on the exercise bike until it was done ... and you have not failed in any way. Your swimming is magnificent, and you should take advantage of the season.
    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow but not in a scary or pressurising way.
    Liz x

  4. Feeling stupid, because I guessed vegitarians, but I see tis not that. Seriously you are a superwoman. It's not that you're failing at all, if you feel like you are failing at relaxation then maybe you're just not geared to relax like a lot of other people and all that bobbing around making things organised and swimming is your equivalent of sitting down quietly. Some people feel better from doing all the things than casting off the things and sitting down.


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