Saturday, 16 June 2012

A busy Saturday

So, alarm went off at 8am today and although I could have easily slept for another four hours and probably should have done, I was up and out of the house by 8.30 heading back to Bedford for another go at a 1.5k swimming race at 10.30. As you can see by this photo that Mr W took, I probably should have stayed in bed. Especially as the windy conditions seemed to promise a repeat of last Saturday. However, I got in, swam, and was pleased to get out in about 22 minutes, 20 seconds, which given the wind, the fact that I hadn't taken a rest day yesterday, and that I was very tired is pretty good given that my best time is 22:03.

Out of the water and dressed again by 11am, Mr W drove us home, and it was time to clean and tidy and hoover the house again in anticipation of my afternoon tea guests. The cake that I showed you yesterday was decorated with my interpretation of the Virago Books logo, and the people coming for tea were friends from the Virago Modern Classics Librarything group, a group devoted to people who like myself love and collect Virago Modern Classics. I couldn't wait for them to see my collections!

The ladies (and gentleman) had spent the morning in Oxford looking around bookshops and having lunch, and then came on up to me. A lot of new faces, although twitter pictures and facebook helped me to identify people, as well as old friend Claire and friend/colleague Stuck in a book Simon. A sumptuous tea was provided partly by myself (look at my apple shaped shortbread!), and some of the guests also contributed things - coconut and raspberry cake and chocolate brownies. Tea and squash was drank and I hope everyone had a good time!


  1. I love the apple shaped shortbread, hope that you had a lovely afternoon xx

  2. Biscuits look fab. Would love to see your book collection one day - but you couldn't leave me alone with it, sure the temptation would be to much!

  3. I hope everyone had a good afternoon. Tea, cake and book chatter what more could you want.

  4. You look thoroughly tired out. Feet up with a VMC & cake (if any left) for the rest of Sunday!!

  5. We had a fabulous time and everyone appreciated the lovely spread, especially the Virago-themed shapes! You are a great meringue maker, and I should know ... lovely to meet you and thank you for your hospitality!

  6. This is wonderful, Verity! Glad to hear that you and all from Librarything had a lovely afternoon discussing Virago Modern Classics, and eating those yummy looking shortbreads.
    The Virago Team

  7. A busy Saturday, indeed! The tea table looks lovely - I'm sure you all had a great time.

  8. Hi - I grew up in Bedford and went to Bedford High School. I was thrilled to see Bedford in your pics and post, and was trying to identify where your swim took place. At the river?...

    I was an avid swimmer in England and earned a swimming scholarship to a Texas university. A whole other world! I *do* remember how cold it was to swim outside in Bedford so good for you!

    Plus your tea time looks delicious!

    1. How exciting - it was actually at Box End Lake. It was about 16C and although it felt chilly getting in, I had overheated by the end of the swim! Do you still swim?

  9. I swam for a number of years, then, post-college, turned to triathlons, then to marathons, and now just hang out on the cardio machines in the gym. I think I am "swum out", but everyone keeps saying that I should get back in the pool. I might, one day. :-)

  10. Love the apples! Congrats on all of your achievements this weekend.


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