Monday, 4 June 2012

Happy Jubilee

If I'm honest, I haven't managed to do much to celebrate the Jubilee. Saturday was spent visiting a relative in hospital (the Bank Holiday traffic almost doubling the time taken for the 300 mile round trip), and Sunday spent celebrating my Dad's birthday, before coming back to work today (not too much of a hardship given the unpleasant weather). But how could I pass up the opportunity for a bit of themed baking? here are my Jubilee Battenberg and my Jubilee Cookies. Apologies for the silence on the blog front; it seems that swimming 10k took me longer to bounce back from than I would have liked, which is frustrating as I am gearing up for my first of 4 attempts this season to swim a 3.8k in under an hour on Saturday, and doing my first triathlon on Sunday. Oh well, I will continue to eat cake...


  1. I do like your Jubilee Battenburg.

  2. Lovely baking Verity. Sounds like you've had a hard week, hope the cake has cheered you up :)

  3. Oh I do love your Jubilee Battenberg!! :o)


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