Tuesday, 8 November 2011

More Autumn treats

Another firework inspired cake using my bundt tin - have had it for two years and never used it but the occasion seemed right just now. It's just a simple orange flavoured sponge - and at least it came out of the tin!

Also made some parsnip, blue cheese and pumpkin seed muffins - recipe from the Sainsburys magazine. Very Autumnal and beautifully cheesy even if you can't really taste the parsnip.


  1. Those muffins are right up my alley -- fall is the only season I do any baking ... more of a cook than a baker here. But I think you might love the apple cheddar scones at the Smitten Kitchen website. It's not my site or anything -- but a girl who can put blue cheese, parsnips and pumpkin in a muffin deserves a great scone.

    I also love the Virago books although I like to stumble across them in used bookstores rather than order online ... and that's harder than it used to be.

  2. Some sparklers on that cake would really set it off...so to speak.

  3. That cake looks amazing, well done on getting it out of the tin intact.

    Parsnips in muffins? Who'd have thought of that?

  4. I always worry about cakes coming out of the bundt tin in one piece... and a second for Darlene's call for sparklers!

  5. I would be up for parsnip muffins but I can't say many of my friends would!

  6. Aj - mmm, I like the idea of cheddar and apple scones - made cheese ones and apple ones but not combined the two.

    Darlene - ooh yes, definitely need some sparklers!

    Geraldine - I greased it, and then I greased it again! Parsnip worked well - bit like carrot cake I guess.

    JoAnn - it's all about the grease.

    Care - you really couldn't taste the parsnip - bit disappointing for me but might please your friends!


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