Sunday, 27 November 2011


As I write, I'm sitting listening to the Advent Carol service on Radio 4 - this is one of my signs that Christmas is getting close. I love advent carols almost as much as Christmas carols, especially O Come O Come Emmanual and Lo he comes with clouds descending. I shall be lighting our advent candle tonight - it's always handy when advent starts before the beginning of December because you can get through that extra bit of candle before the numbers start.

I am excited about Christmas this year. It's been so long since Mr W and I had more than 2 days together (our honeymoon in fact), and it's the first time that we've been in our own house! We've worked so hard to get it to a presentable stage that it will be a pleasure to put the decorations up and have people around. I don't feel terribly Christmassy yet - well, there are 4 weeks to go - I think it is to do with the the still unseasonably warm weather. Just hoping that we don't have snow this December - the 8 hours in the car to take our nieces to the ballet in London last year was something that I'd rather not repeat with this year's excursion!

I'm not sure I'll have time to participate, but several of my very favourite bloggers are organising it, so here's a quick mention for Austen in Advent - do go over and check it out!


  1. Your house is shaping up beautifully. After a few more years I guarantee you will have table and chairs, maybe even a china cabinet, and two more shelves added to the top of your bookcases--this could then be a description of my dining-room + we have an antique trunk for our Christmas ornaments, a small side table under the window and a third wall of books cases.


  2. I would love some snow, but not when England can't deal with it! Maybe I will get my snow dosage in Germany this year. I'm not complaining that it's still quite mild!

    Thanks for the link to Advent with Austen - my site stats are surprisingly high today!

  3. Yay for first Christmas in your married home! I'm ridiculously excited about the festive season this year too for just the same reason. It's so nice to be starting your own traditions together.


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