Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cross Stitch Christmas cards

I've finally managed to get around to finishing off the cross stitches that I did whilst I had mumps and in the weeks thereafter and turn them into Christmas cards. I'm really pleased with them.

Now I need to make some cards in bulk for the rest of the Christmas card list!


  1. Looking good and really neat stitching as well! I am sure whoever receives them will love them.

  2. Very pretty.Love the snowflake ones.

  3. These are beautiful - and another reminder to me to get our picture made so that I can actually get Christmas cards into the mail this year! (We made them last year, and due to sickness that took us down like dominoes, never got them addressed and sent.) Thanks for sharing your handiwork with us!

  4. lovely cards ,all the best stu


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