Friday, 4 November 2011

Lovely Snowman things

Thank you all for your kind comments re the tooth. Still very painful, still clutching at my ice packs and have spent all day in pajamas which is most unlike me.

Some lovely things arrived at the start of the week for Christmas and as the Snowman audio book is one of the things that I have been listening to today, I thought I would share them. Some of you may remember my beautiful The snowman cakestand that I had last year; I have been coveting more things to go with it for ages. I suddenly struck lucky when Portmeirion, the expensive china company that makes the range, had 50% off ALL of the Snowman things a couple of weeks ago.

I really wanted Mr W to give me either the pastry forks or the spoons for Christmas; with 50% off he could give me both.
And I'd been eyeing up these cute little bowls for a while:
When I'd popped them in the basket, I realised that I was only a little bit away from the minimum for free postage (well, a bit away but postage was £5), so I popped these into my basket as well.

I absolutely can't wait to get them out for the first Christmas in our new home. The annual advent tea party will be happening as usual, assuming that all goes to plan with the next two weeks worth of decorating. It's so nice to start building up our own Christmas traditions as a couple.


  1. Cute! I look forward to seeing them at the Advent party :) and I love the idea of building up Christmas traditions as a couple; P and I don't have many traditions of any sort yet but will be trying to get some going for Christmas!


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