Monday, 28 November 2011

10k run run!

I'm very proud to share that, having been upping my runs since the completion of Couch to 5k, which I began in September, I took part in my first ever running race yesterday. Not just a 5k, I actually ran in a proper 10k event, the Eynsham 10k. (Eynsham being a large village about 20 minutes run from me). I managed not to get put off by the vast number of runners overtaking me at the start, got into a steady pace and slowly started overtaking the odd runner here and there. It was a little disconcerting when as I approached the end of the first of the two laps, I heard panting and then was overtaken by six or seven very speedy runners, but I managed to put on my own sprint for the last 500m (the marshalls were quite surprised to see someone who was finishing so late putting on such a spurt) and went under the clock at 1 h 4 minutes. When I looked up my timing chip time in the afternoon I found that I'd done it in 1h 3m 50 seconds, no mean feat on less than 3 months of running.

Less impressive was the resulting sugar-low which rendered me incapable of finding where I had left my car. Husband, in Leicester for the day, was completely unable to help, and it took half an hour of wandering around in tears before I found the car park. But small details...

Time to find a half marathon I think!


  1. Well done! Come and do the Birmingham Half next year!

  2. That is so good Verity. You should be really proud of yourself, an excellent run, a credible time anyway, not just a 'first run' time. When I did a 10k, my feet were covered in large blisters as I'd decided to run without socks. Big mistake. I could barely hobble to find my car. I had a similar experience when I did a 21m hill walk (sponsored & timed) as I had to lift my left leg to engage the clutch because I was so hurting.


  3. Well done you! Hope you do not ache too much today.

    I have lost the car more than once and got into a blind panic about where I parked it.

  4. SO impressed, well done you!

  5. Well done on the run, had I known Mr W was in Leicester I could have tracked him down and sent some biscuits back for you;)

  6. Good for you! I came across your blog looking for Christmas themed library activities-- I wish I could come to your tea. It looked lovely. As for the running, I am hoping to train for a 10k this summer but think a half marathon would do my knees in. I'm sure that you can do it, though! Good luck!


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