Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cross stich cards (domestic arts 9)

I mentioned how lovely it is to give things which one has made in a previous domestic arts post; I've been wondering for a while what I could do with my cross stitches and now I have a solution. Whilst at Hobbycraft last week I purchased a number of very small cross stitch kits which can be made into cards. This little design only took 2 hours to complete and I think is a lovely thing to send someone.
The design on the left came from a kit; I liked the pattern very much but not the colours that they had chosen, so I decided to make it again with some pretty pink threads that I had in my sewing box. It's definitely a pattern that I will use again for cards. I hope that I might be able to utilise some of the patterns in the other kits that I have bought in different colours.


  1. I've never finished my stitching into cards--as I've never seen the cards locally to buy, but I love the idea. I often give my stitching away, too. Only occasionally will I look back and wish I had kept something for myself, but then I figure I can always stitch it again. Imagine doing Christmas cards with stitching projects!

  2. Thanks Darlene!

    Danielle - I bought some Christmas designs too :) You might be able to get cards on the internet - mine came from Mouseloft.

  3. Beautiful, Verity! It's always nice to have a practical use for craft items isn't it? And I love handmade cards - they're so much more special than shop bought.

  4. Lovely - how productive you are!

  5. It's amazing how just changing the colours can make such a difference to the way the finished item looks. Well done on your 2 variations on a theme.

    Somewhere I've got a cross stitch chart showing girls dancing round a maypole. I have stitched that design a few times varying the colours of the girls' hair, their dresses and the ribbons that they're plaiting.

  6. I amazed myself several years ago by actually finishing two or three of these and giving them to friends who practically had to be given oxyden when they realised they were from me! Small enough to complete without feeling daunted.

    I am currently subscribing to a Crochet part work as I used to do a lot of this and wish to revive my interest. I think I will probably make this a winter project and there is a throw there made up of all sorts of different squares and patterns which I am aiming for


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