Friday, 22 January 2010

Persephone Acquisitions

I have to confess that one of the reasons for having a week of Persephone-themed posts was so that I could blog about my recent acquisitions. I mentioned the other week how my visit to the Persephone bookshop had re-awakened my desire to obtain a complete set of Persephone books... After verbalising this, I went on Amazon marketpalce to see if I could pick up any second hand. This was slightly dangerous as it saw the last of my Christmas money disappear. I had to wait quite a while for them to be delivered due to the snow, (the postman eventually brought them all at once on Wednesday morning, very early - I forgave him for waking us both up when I saw the treasure!) but but it has considerably expanded my collection.
This is the pile that arrived - the top half of the pile as far as Flush are the ones that I have not yet read, and the bottom half are those which I have read before but not until now owned my own copy of. (I actually have Flush in my bag today). Some of them came with bookmarks

This necessitated a considerable rearrangement of my books as I wanted to keep them altogether, in numberical order. In the event, the only option was to run them along the top of my bookshelves:
The ones on the left are the ones that I have read; they are followed by my collection of Persephone Classics, and then the ones that I have yet to read (mainly short stories and letters, which I am looking forward to dipping into over the coming months).

I hope you've enjoyed my week of Persephone posting. Do put Persephone Reading Week into your diary - the last week of May. By which time I can hope to have the whole collection, wouldn't that be fun.


  1. Good thing that "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's Persephones" is not a direct commandment or I would be in trouble:) Don't need a diary note...I have committed the May date to memory! I can't wait! I hope you enjoy reading your new arrivals as much as I have enjoyed seeing them.

  2. I absolutely love your bookshelf!!! Nice job acquiring the Persephones. I have two unread at the moment, standing on my considerably smaller shelves, and will be keeping them for the Persephone week!

  3. Well done scoring all those Persephones at once. Your shelves look lovely. I'm looking forward to participating in Persephone Week this year.

  4. Oh wow. Persephone book lust. Love love looking at your shelves!

  5. Love your bookshelf - it looks sooo organised! I could really use your book arranging skills at my place! I'm really looking forward to Persephone Week - it's in the diary. I couldn't participate last year as I didn't actually have any Persephone books at that stage but that has changed now.

  6. Book Psmith - that would be a troublesome commandment.

    Rachel - I'm surprised that Ken's wasn't!

    Anothercookie - I am so happy with my new arrangements.

    Lyn - it will be good to have you on board.

    Claire - I keep admiring them myself.

    Karen - I think it comes with the territory of being a librarian...

  7. Envious. I am such a stickler for my fiction in alpha order by author, but in the case of Persephones it seems wrong to mix them all in. I agree wholeheartedly with your decision to keep them separate.

  8. Thomas - that is my feeling too. When I had less, they were all mixed in, but it is wonderful to have them separately.

  9. Wow, that is quite a collection of Persephones! I'm suffering a bit of book envy here.

    I don't have anywhere that number but I keep all my Persephone books together on one shelf, too. I'm pleased to hear about Persephone Week - I've just added it to my calendar!

  10. What a lovely pile of Persephones. I want the whole set, too, but they are so expensive to get in the US. I have to buy a very few at a time. Eventually I may have a lovely row of them like you do!

  11. Persephone Week is another reason to look forward to Spring...can't wait!

    Happiness is a Persephone collection and yours is impressive, Verity.

  12. Makedo - they are lovely to keep together!

    Danielle - I guess I am lucky being able to get them in the UK.

    Darlene - indeed!

  13. I love your book collection. I have shelves scattered around my house, but a few book sheves together look so impressive. If only my place was bigger I would have a whole room dedicated to my books :)


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