Thursday, 7 January 2010

Library loot

Having staggered back to the library on Monday with over 20 books read during the Christmas period, I obviously had quite a large bag to fill with library books. I had three reservations to collect (the middle three books, all of which I have read about on blogs during 2009), and wanted a book about knitting (re-learning to knit, and learning to cast-on is one of my 2010 projects, inspired by blogging friends who knit!), but I just could not find anything else that I wanted which was frustrating as my TBR piles are at the lowest that they have been for a while. I did manage to pick up this wintery sounding Wodehouse for my partner.

I LOVED Brooklyn, and was gripped right until the final pages, waiting to find out how the story would resolve itself. I am very keen to read more Toibin, so if anyone has read anything else by him I'd love some recommendations. I was very excited to see that it has won the novel category of the Costas.

Love and Summer was good, but a little disappointing after Brooklyn. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't read them together.

Knitting would have happened, but for the snow which prevented me from getting to the knitting shop as planned yesterday. On the subject of snow, please keep everything crossed as I try to get to London, despite thick snow, to have tea at the Persephone bookshop today!


  1. I'm so glad you loved Brooklyn! Haven't read any thing else, but will try Blackwater Lightship soon. I was pleased to hear it won the Costa.
    Love and Summer is on my wish list. Enjoy the time at Persephone...I'm just a tad jealous ;-)

  2. Everything is crossed over here! Good luck!

  3. I hope to read Brooklyn sometime this year. I have not read any of his other works before, but this one really resonates with me.

    I hope the weather cooperates and you can fully appreciate your London tea. I am quite jealous

  4. Hope that you got to London without any problems and had a great time at Persephone.

    Knitting is one of my addictions, hope that all goes well with your re-learning to cast on etc.

  5. Hi all - I had a wonderful time at Persephone and will write about it tomorrow. Little giveaway coming up too :)

  6. I'm glad you were able to get to London. Looking forward to reading your update.

  7. I'm yet to read a Toibin, although I have read some pretty amazing things about Brooklyn in the last year or so.

    Snow in London wasn't soooo bad yesterday - good to hear you had a wonderful time at Persephone.


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