Thursday, 17 December 2009

A packing dilemma.

We're off skiing at the end of the week and I'm trying to complete my packing. I've been worrying a little bit about having enough books and the right books (whatever they are) but this has been increased by the news of the BA strikes. Of course we are flying with BA, and although we are flying out before they start, it will affect our journey home. Luckily we're on a package holiday, so it is Ingham's responsibility to get us home, but I have been forced to pack some spare clothes. This means that the suitcase is already overflowing and I have yet to pack a single book.

These are the books I'm thinking about taking. The left hand pile contains lighter and Christmassy reading, the right hand pile some more serious things (the two Penguins at the top chosen soley because they are small and have very small writing). I really need to take at least 10 books to get through the week, ideally more.

I hope you can see the photo, but if not...
On the left...
* Evelyn finds herself (a Girls Gone By publication) - a school story is essential I think
* Christmas at fairacre (Christmas themed Miss Read)
* Pirouette and Pink Sugar (both Greyladies titles that I have been anticipating for some time)
* Housewife on top (Christmas themed chicklit that I picked up in charity shop earlier in year)
* Relative love (Slightly heavier book, also Christmas themed - I enjoy Amanda Brookfield very much)
* Christmas at Thrush Green (new ghostwritten Miss Read book)
* Adrian Mole : The prostate years (I often have a Sue Townsend to read over Christmas - she does make me laugh)

On the right...
* The realms of gold (Drabble)
* Odd girl out (Elizabeth Jane Howard)
* The stone angel (Margaret Laurence - can't go away without a Virago!)
* The snow cow (won this review copy of ghost stories about skiing!)
* Fugitive pieces (have been meaning to read this for ages)
* Queen of the Tambourine (Gardam)
* Nightingale Wood (another Virago Modern Classic which I have been looking forward to for a while)

Any opinions?


  1. Easy! The large pile goes in your luggage and the smaller pile in Ken's. You don't want to be stranded in Austria (sheer bliss) without something to read now do you?

  2. Take as many as you can fit in!! I love deciding what books to take on holiday, hope that you have a really wondeful time!

  3. Darlene - Ken doesn't have any room as he has his own ski boots - eek!

    Dot - I will try to get in as many as poss!

  4. Can you guess I am going to push for a Fairacre Christmas? Two Miss Reads may not be fair but since it is ghostwritten and I am curious to see what you think about it, I am going to push for the Thrush Green as well. Have a fun and safe trip and my best wishes for it to be hassle-free!

  5. Definitely take the Grey Ladies! I'd leave Nightingale Wood but that's because I was disappointed back in April but suspect that Christmas on the Alps may be a good time for it.
    Don't fret - I am sure there will be books-in-translation that you can buy in Austria! At the very least in the airport.

  6. The stike is off! So panic over, but Honno books have snet me three more books which I want to take - eek!

  7. Ooooh have just seen your update. Definately take a Honno Classic. I would also take Adrian Mole, we all like some laughter (most jealous of this aquisition) and there seems to be a Gardam craze at the mo. I must try and have a go at reading Miss Read I never have.


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