Friday, 4 December 2009

Book buying update #7

Well, this will be my last book buying update - I have made seven weeks without buying a single book, and am about to break it by buying myself a Christmas present of the latest Greyladies title, Pirouette by Susan Scarlett (Noel Streatfield). I absolutely adored Noel Streatfield books as a child, and I love her Susan Scarlett romances, so I think that this will be the perfect treat for myself. Ballet shoes for grown ups.

Otherwise this week has been fairly easy. Confinement to the sofa certainly kept me out of the shops, and I was lucky enough to recieve a couple of review books from publishers which I'll be writing about in due course. My final bookish Christmas present for my boyfriend arrived - I'll write about it in the New Year (just in case he happens to read this!) as it took quite a bit of research to choose and I'm very excited about it.

Thanks for your support guys! I have been pleased with my progress, and it has enabled me to read quite a lot of books from my TBR bookcase. I am definitely going to think about how many books I buy in the New Year, and will almost certainly be giving up book-buying/non essential purchase making for Lent if not before...


  1. Well done! - and thank you for recommending yet another title I can buy my wife for Christmas (-:

  2. Congratulations! Your Christmas purchase is certainly well deserved.

    I hope you're feeling better today.

  3. Sounds like a great choice. I'm intrigued by the Greyladies books. Have yet to try one though? Is this your first?

  4. Owen - I'm sure she will love any of those titles.

    Sophie - thanks - yes, feeling better today!

    Mrs B - no, I have read all but 3 of them (and own all but 1!)

  5. Congratulations! You surely deserve the treat.

  6. Well done! I hope you have a wonderful time reading the Scarlett/Streatfeild. You certainly deserve it!


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