Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bake of the week: Stollen and an Advent Tea Party

Stollen was this week's Christmas baking experiment, and I was extremely pleased with the result. I got the recipe from the Usborne Book of Christmas Baking (a wonderful book, not just for children with lots of accessible recipes, many of which I want to try!). I cheated a little bit and used my bread machine to mix and knead the dough, but I did make my own almond paste (surprisingly easy, just egg, ground almonds and sugar). It smelt absolutely wonderful and tasted pretty good too.

I also had an Advent Tea for some of my friends last week, and here are the biscuits and cakes that I baked. At the back, Swedish gingerbread (recipe to follow after Christmas), on the right, Christmas rock cakes and vegan cranberry oat biscuits, and Christmas shaped shortbread; I might post recipes for some of these if anyone is interested! We also had chocolate coins in belated celebration of St. Nicholas day, since my father is called Nicholas!


  1. ooh, that looks so yummy. Great tip about the almond paste. I never could find the recipe for that. I usually substitute it with marzipan.

  2. Since reading a post on Cornflower's blog about Stollen and knowing that you were baking some I decided to buy some and give it a try. It's delicious! You do such a fabulous job Verity, have you missed your calling as a baker?

    I'm going to try making Stollen from scratch to redeem myself.

  3. I'm impressed that you made your own almond paste! I never even knew that was an option...I just get it at the grocery store.

  4. Thanks Mrs B!

    Darlene - it is yummy! I can't wait to have real stollen in Austria next week.

    JoAnn - neither did I!


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