Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Cardigan collection

Too tired to write a proper post tonight; feel like I have been at work for most of the last month. This actually is nearly true; I've worked three six day weeks in a row, both the bank holidays, and was at work until 7pm last night. No wonder I can't think straight and can barely move! On the plus side, it pays the bills, and funds the purchase of books and...cardigans. I thought I'd share the inspiration for my blog name and list my cardigans. One of my friends think it is ridiculous that I own more cardigans than pairs of pants, but I reckon that more people are going to see my cardigans, and they come in more varieties. Plus I'm a librarian. Enough said.

one cropped, long-sleeved, wraparound pink cardigan (Kookai)
one 3/4 length sleeved cerise pink cardigan (Jasper Conran)
one 3/4 length sleeved small lilac cardigan (Bay trading?)
one 3/4 length sleeved small grey cardigan (Primark)
one long sleeved charcoal grey cardigan, as yet unworn (H and M)
one long sleeved cropped grey cashmere cardigan which is going all bobbly (Jane Norman)
one long sleeved grey cardigan with diamante buttons (Jane Norman)
one long sleeved grey cardigan with decorative bits (Red Herring)
one long sleeved black cardigan with decorative bits (Red Herring) (matches the above!)
one 3/4 length sleeve grey cardigan with flared sleeves, not yet worn (New Look)
one 3/4 length sleeve blackcardigan with flared sleeves, (New Look) (friend of the above)
two cropped 3/4 length sleeved black cardigans (slightly different buttons) (both from Jane Norman)
one wrap around crochet black cardigan, bracelet length sleeves (Red Herring)
one 3/4 length sleeve plain black cardigan (Jane Norman)
one 3/4 length sleeve plain black cardigan with flared sleeves (Kookai) (this is my favourite cardigan in the entire world - I was gutted when I lost the original, and sooooooo happy when I found a replacement on ebay - wearing it today!)
one long sleeve black cardigan (Dorothy perkins)(cast off from my friend Kate; one of my school friends had the exact same one at school).
one black fine lurex shrug (Jane Norman)
one oversize black cardigan (Morgan - ebay bargain, very warm!)
one very long black cardigan (George at Asda- bought this after I got my first librarian job - I thought it would be very librarianly. In fact I've only once worn it to work, when the heating broke down).
oversize purple cardigan with waterfall front (M and S) (kept me warm all last winter!)
chenille purple cardigan

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