Saturday, 23 May 2009

...and what have I been baking this year...

I've only had a digital camera since my birthday in April, so I'll limit this to things baked since then. I love baking - it's very relaxing to mix ingredients together and then make my flat smell amazing, and I love to treat my boyfriend. I get my recipes mainly from the BBC Good Food magazine and website, but also from Olive magazine, Delicious magazine, Easy Cook, and from the Waitrose website, and Delia Online. And I've just bought Nigella's baking book!

Dorset apple cake

Easter biscuits
Sooooooo good!

Lemon biscuits, also made for Easter
This was such a big faff, but definitely worth it!!

A half size Victoria sponge cake - I didn't want to make a whole one as they don't keep hugely well...I guess you could call it an "oria nge" cake.

Raspberry and white chocolate cake with a few raspberry and white chocolate muffins.

Loosely based on
except I couldn't get cherries and my icing didn't turn out like it was supposed to!

Shortbread animals.

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