Sunday, 24 May 2009

Back to Waterstones... take advantage of the 3 for 2. Or rather 6 for 4. Which has taken me over 800 books on library I'm not sure whether or not this is good.

I took the opportunity to get some more Persephone books - the Persephone classics are stocked in most bookshops I'm finding, even if it is rarer to find the others.
I got:
* Cheerful weather for a wedding, which I read last month and loved...
* Mariana (Monica Dickens). This is the only Monica Dickens I haven't read, and I have it in an old orange Penguin edition, and have been saving it, again like the Barbara Pym's because I can't bear to never have a new Monica Dickens to read. I don't often buy multiple editions of books (more on this another time I think) but this is such a lovely edition, with a preface that I couldn't not.
* Little boy lost (Margaret Laski)
* Someone at a distance (the only Persephone Whipple I haven't yet read).

I also got:
* Hungry Hill (Du Maurier), which is the only one of hers I haven't read. Bizarrely this one passed me by when Virago republished her books a few years ago, I think it was one of the last ones they did. Anyway, I've got it now, and it is looking lovely with my other DDMs.
* The Sea Lady by Margaret Drabble. I could probably have got this second hand very easily, but I so enjoyed the Waterfall that I read yesterday, and this was a)the only Drabble Waterstones had b) about the sea, which I'm desperately missing being stuck in Oxford on a beautiful sunny weekend.

So...this is the state of cardigan girl's bookcases:

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