Saturday, 23 May 2009


This is my first foray into the world of blogs, although I've been thinking writing for a while. I'm planning to write about books, and baking, with the odd deviation into other areas of my life. I'm a librarian, hence the collection of cardigans. 2009 has been a strange year so far, as I've been ill with incapacitating stomach problems, and have had to give up many of my customary pursuits. However, it has done wonders for my reading and book collecting, and I've discovered a huge range of authors who had previously passed me by. I've also taken up baking on a large scale since my lovely boyfriend moved in, and have been trying out many many different sorts of cakes.

Currently reading: Bilgewater (Jane Gardam)
Just finished: Consequences of Love (Addonia)
Just baked: Cherry cake with a crumble topping (

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