Saturday, 21 July 2012

Library Loot.

Sorry that tipping your head on one side is necessary, I'll list the titles below so that those reading my blog don't get a crick in their necks!  Whilst I managed to get my reading going again about 4 weeks ago, the last 3 weeks have been such a whirlwind that everything just tailed off again.  I didn't really have any good reading material to hand, and although I went to the library a couple of times I didn't really find anything.  So I tried to help myself a bit by reserving a couple of books, and when I went in to pick them up, I decided to have a bit of a look around, and came out with a total of 14 books.  A mixture of things that I hope will inspire me for a bit.

Summer of Secrets and Love, lies and Lizzie, both by Rosie Rushton.  She is one of my favourite teen authors because she is not too over the top, and also because I have been reading her since I was a teen.  I hadn't kept up with her much recently, and just discovered that she did a series of 6 books which are modern day retellings of ther six Jane Austen novels.  These are Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice.  I've read three of the others already and they're really
 rather good.
Secret Olympian was recommended to me by a twitter friend, and as I get increasingly excited about the Olympics, it's nice to have some topical reading.
The last day of term by Francis Gilbert is a novel by the man who has written a lot about being a teacher, so it will I'm sure be a true to life school story!
The echoes of dreams by Marcia Willett was pointed out to me by a colleague; she's not an author I especially pick up, but as this one is about ballet and Cornwall, two of my favourite things to read about, how could I resist?
The desperate brides club by Alison Sherlock and The house on Willow Street by Cathy Kelly look like fairly light reading, the latter author is one I pick up regularly, and the former one I have not come across before.
Two sports books, one on running and one on cycling as I try to think a bit more about doing triathlon.
The art of camping intrigued me, it will be perfect reading in a fortnight's time when we go to stay in a Yurt for our wedding anniversary.  I can't really bear the thought of camping, although I love reading about it, but our posh yurt which even has electricity should be ok.
Isla Dewar and Farahad Zama are authors who I have enjoyed previously, so I am hoping that Winter Bride and Mrs Ali's road to happiness will be good reads.
and finally there's a history of the London Underground which looks interesting and which I hope I will persuade Mr W to pick up too (although not until he's finished his maths' assignment!)

Phew, writing about them was nearly as hard as carrying them back to work from the library!

In the next week, I am going to try really hard to make some time to read.  Half an hour during the day on my teabreaks, and half an hour at least in the evening.  I definitely need to rest more, so reading is a good way of achieving it, and hopefully that would mean I can make some decent headway on this pile.


  1. Great haul Verity.

    I like Marcia Willett novels, very much like Maeve Binchey I think. Great for escapism at least.

    My cold has put my reading out of sorts at the moment, so I am hoping to return to it slowly like the swimming!


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