Sunday, 22 July 2012

Catch-up in the garden

It's been a while since I've posted about my garden. To be honest, the extreme monsoon weather hasn't been very good for it! Although it has saved me watering it, it has meant that I haven't had the opportunity to feed the plants so much.

We've been enjoying some homegrown strawberries for about a fortnight now, at the rate of about 6 every other day. I think I need to have more strawberry plants next year to keep up with the demand I have for them.

The tomato plants are desperately in need of some sun, but there are small tomatoes growing on one of them.

Two of my seven courgette plants just withered and died. I have no idea why. I am about to harvest my first courgette. It's been so exciting watching them grow, although I had to pull off two which were rotting yesterday. Again, not sure why, but posit the extreme amount of rain.

I think our potatoes have blight; apparently the conditions have been good for blight for about six weeks now. Oh well, at least I can empathise with the Irish Potato Famine.


  1. Although we haven't grown vegetables this year I feel your frustration with plants not quite growing as they should. As a novice gardener I'm left wondering is it me or just the monsoon quantity of rain we've had? I'm tempted with strawberry plants for next year though.

  2. The weather is a nightmare for growing things at the moment, we have been growing some salad but I don't think it will last much longer!

  3. Some of the containers on my patio are completely full of water. Time to take a power drill to the base...

  4. Your potatoes haven't got blight. That's what they do when they're ready to harvest.
    If they're blighted they get great big black blotches on the leaves which turn to mush & smell disgusting!!

  5. Verity, the potatoes growing on our compost heap, looked much the same. I've just harvested almost 3lbs of potatoes.

    There were also number of very small potatoes, and some that were a bit green so they went straight back onto the compost heap.

    I chuck potatoes which are a bit green, or have gone soft onto the compost heap, and get a crop of spuds for free.


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