Friday, 6 July 2012

A catch-up

So, I've been off work this week on annual leave.  I had high hopes for blogging this week.  I wanted to tell you about how I was reading again and what I was reading.  I even planned to tell my week off in photos and post a blog each day full of photos of what I'd been doing.

Sadly, life doesn't quite work out this way.  It's been more tiring than I could have anticipated with two people close to Mr W and myself in hospital, Mr W embarking on a new fitness routine which meant none of my planned lie ins materialising until today, and somehow one way and another I don't seem to really have had a minute to myself except whilst swimming.  At least that has been fitted in. 

So here is my week off, or some of it, in numbers.

Number of hospitals visited: 2
Number of hospital visits made: 5
Number of pots of jam made: 34
Number of volcanoes of jam: 1
Number of hours spent clearing up after volcano of jam: ongoing
Number of hob plates still not quite clean: 2
Number of swimming pools visited: 5
Number of swimming lakes visited:2
Number of swimming races: 1
Number of podium finishes in swimming races: 1 (yes, I came third!!)
Number of times that have had a swimming pool to myself for more than 20 minutes: 3
Number of press releases written: 1 (will post this shortly...)
Number of radio appearances: 1
Number of new bicycles purchased: 1
Number of new bicycles purchased and ridden: 0
Books read: 3 (only one novel - Weatherley Parade by Richmal Crompton - excellent)
Number of books recieved in the post: 2 (a special torch-bearing present from my friend Owen called "Torch" by Jill Paton Walsh, and a triathlon training manual)
Number of loads of washing: 4
Number of loads of washing hung outside: 1
Number of hours spent in the car: about 9

Sorry for being such a lapsed blogger!


  1. Crazy crazy week! I don't think you should feel bad about not blogging much... particularly as you had #jamageddon to sort out...

  2. It's a pity you did not get to have the week you wanted, but you've crammed in a lot. When you do return to work you can do so without a shred of guilt over time wasted (time wasted through circumstances outside your control does not count).

    If you find you like Jill Paton Walsh, then I can recommend her Imogen Quy mysteries, although - whisper this to an Oxonian - they are set in Cambridge University.

    Good luck with your torch carrying.

  3. Jamageddon should be enough excitement for any week. Will be thinking of you on Monday.


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