Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Verity's Veg Box Part 3

BOOOO.  iPhone FAIL.  I took photos of our veg box and fruit box straight into blogger last night, omitted to save the post (blogger saves automatically on the internet but doesn't on a phone it seems) and now they are gone, and the veg and fruit is all put away and already being eaten.  You will have to imagine the illustrations to this post.

I have to say it was with some trepidation that I came home on Tuesday night to unpack my veg box.  You see, I'd said no to three of the eight vegetables (fennel - can't stand, chicory - don't think I like and don't know what to do with and it sounds strange, aubergine - quite like but a lot of effort) and I wondered what I'd get in their place - would it be something weird and that I wouldn't know what to do with?

Luck was on my side.  The three substitutions were asparagus (my favourite veg probably, especially at this time of year), watercress (LOVE!) and flat beans.  I wasn't sure what a flat bean was but it made it into my risotto last night and it tasted pretty good in my mixed veggies risotto last night.  Check out these greens!!

Also, we got an avocado (LOVE!), cherry tomatoes (perfect for lunch boxes), beetroot (complete with mud on), sweet potatoes and a savoy cabbage.  The savoy cabbage is the only one I'm a bit dubious about now, although I bravely put a leaf into my risotto.

It's another difficult week cateringwise with my evening duty at work on the wrong night (how a change to the routine confuses the constitution), and Mr W out on Friday and Saturday nights and in need of something quick, so not sure how to make the best of everything yet.

I will make a sweet potato and lentil curry, based on a butternut squash curry recipe that I cut out of the Guardian a little while ago, for Mr W, which will probably do for Friday and Saturday nights and maybe Monday too.  I think the beetroot will go into a risotto to have with salmon as a Sunday treat, salmon leftover in the freezer from a supermarket multibuy offer.  I expect the rest of those green veggies will end up in risotto with maybe pesto or goats cheese for a bit of extra flavour.

In terms of fruit, we are overwhelmed by bananas.  We still had three from last week and the ones that arrived this week are already heading for ripe.  Mr W can't be persuaded to eat them at work, and tends to lose them in his rucksack with rather gruesome results, so there will be more banana and oat rock cakes as well as some banana bread or cake.  Has anyone got any other good banana ideas?  Banana pancakes are quite nice.


  1. I love bananas in a toffee sauce. Savoy cabbage is lovely sliced and boiled in not a lot of water, cut the thick stalks out first. When it's ready finish off with a bit of butter and grate some nutmeg into it - well I like it like that.

  2. I went into Manchester for my German class at the Uni and decided to call into The 8th Day Vegetatarian Shop and Cafe. Tea was what I went in for as I do watch the pennies and rarely eat out. However what I had was Carrot and Ginger soup. It was good, if a little cool but I couldn't be bothered taking it back. I shall have to research the recipe. Looked very carroty and the ginger was definitely there.

  3. I've heard, but not tested, that you can freeze over-ripe bananas and then use them later in cakes and such. It's only putting off esting them though - and not a lot of help if more turn up in next week's box.

  4. I can testify that freezing over-ripe bananas and using them later in baking is highly successful. Wishing that vege boxes were available in New Zealand

  5. How about fruit salad with yoghurt on top? A simple desert for the end of the day.

  6. Savoy cabbage is a wonderful vegetable; all other cabbages are its poor relations. Bring to boil then shred/cut into small pieces and fill a pastry tart with the cabbage, grated cheese, pepper and nutmeg and beaten eggs, salt and pepper, and maybe a little cream. Bake in oven until set.
    I think you may be vegetarians? This is a good recipe also, Savoy leaves brought to boil until limp, stuffed with crumbs, grated onion and cheese, cooked parsnip or potato squares and cover with tomato sauce then baked.

    Getting a bit carried away as I have a lovely Savoy sitting on my kitchen counter right now.

  7. Erika
    "Anonymous" is Erika--sorry I have trouble with your site often.

  8. I'm rather partial to bananas sliced up and served with custard.


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