Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Verity's Veg Box #1 (part 2)

As tomorrow another veg box will  be arriving, I thought I'd report back on my first week of veg boxing.  I'm happy to report that bar about a handful of spinach all of the vegetables have been eaten.  Not doing so well with the fruit, mainly because the pears are still rock hard so none of them have been touched yet!

It seems to have been a week of juggling different ingredients to work out the best way to use things up without having to buy too many extra ingredients, the aim is after all to be more economical!  I did find that I needed to buy a few extra vegetables last week, and looking at the ingredients listed for tomorrow, I think I will probably have to do the same.  Sometimes in order to try to use a new recipe for a different ingredient you just can't make substitutions with what's on hand.  The small box with 8 sorts of vegetables was just about right for us, any more than that we'd be overwhelmed and I wouldn't feel able to buy extras to supplement it.

The big success of last week were the broad beans.  Who knew that the pods that they came in were so beautifully furry on the inside?  I used them in a risotto with other spring green vegetables, and then I made a quiche with the same spring green vegetables

I'm determined to take more pictures for the blog now that I have my iphone and here is the only picture that I took from the week with last night's beetroot risotto which I served with salmon and spinach salad.  We've definitely eaten less fish this week due to the focus on vegetables but it's nice to have a Sunday treat of fish when you don't eat meat.

Now looking forward to seeing what turns up in this week's box and working out the best way to use it up!

(oh and the tooth, or rather ex-tooth, still very sore and quite sicky feeling but I did just about survive the day at work, mainly because my colleagues were kind to me and let me stay out of the busyness)


  1. That does look yummy! I have written risotto down for one if my meals this week.

  2. Didn't you make bunny ears with the Broad Bean pods when you were little?


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