Sunday, 15 April 2012

On iPhones and being in bed

Spent all but three hours in bed yesterday and it looks like today will be
more of the same. Post op my cheek is very swollen, bruised and sore, which is stopping me from sleeping much. Today I am feeling quite out of sorts, not least because it is a nice day and I have lots to do in the garden and house and I haven't been two days without a swim this year :(

On the upside the tooth fairy brought me an iPhone and this post comes to you courtesy of the blogger app. I have wanted one for so long and it is even better than anticipated. The best thing is the fact that it has a camera so I should be able to get far more pictures of my bakes and makes. Followed shortly by the number of amazing apps available. On advice I have got myself a running app to measure how far I run (optimistic at present!), Wunderlist to organise my to-dos and menu planning, the met office to keep an eye on the weather and of course twitter/Facebook/google reader to keep in touch with my friends.

One of my favourite other apps is Instagram to take fuzzy photos and here is an Instagrammed Bernard the best who is currently keeping me company in bed.


  1. Poor you, Verity! I hope you recover as quickly as possible. At least you do have your iphone to entertain you! I was so thrilled when I got mine - and there are so many fun apps to play with.

  2. That would be my kind of tooth fairy! I hope you get to 100% very soon. My youngest loved the picture of Bernard. Take care:)

  3. I bet Bernard has a wonderful bedside manner! Hoping you are back to your old swimming, running and gardening self very soon.

  4. The tooth fairy was VERY kind to you! Sorry you had to suffer so much for an iPhone...

  5. Good old Bernard. Hopefully making things better.

  6. Hope that you feel better soon! I love my iphone, it's so useful for blogging etc.

  7. I love your bear. I bet he was brilliant company. Just commenting now late on this one. I'm wanting to get an iPhone, contract is due in August, one month early. Did you get contract or buy one. I'm trying to decide what is best.

    1. Even Bernard got a bit grumpy with me. I bought a phone as an on payg and with my usage it made more sense to outlay upfront. I just got one with the least amount of storage, although I did get a 4 rather than a 3 so that the operating system will take longer to date. Love it


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