Sunday, 4 March 2012

A rainy Sunday

It's been a bit of a pants week somehow, obviously coming back from a holiday to work is always hard, but it's worse when you come from somewhere warm to somewhere cold and grey, you get ANOTHER cold (making the 2nd in 3 weeks), and although you knew that the wisdom tooth infection you'd had while you were away wasn't going to end happily, you thought it would probably be done at the surgery in the next couple of weeks. Oh no. Firstly, the dentist said that he'd have to do it privately as anticipated another difficult extraction which would take too long to do in the NHS half hour slot, or I could go to the hospital. Then after he saw the x-rays he said that I'd definitely HAVE to go to the hospital. On Friday we found out that this meant a THIRTEEN WEEK wait. Cue a distraught Verity at the thought of having to put up with a painful tooth for that long as well as the realisation that this would be right in the middle of the open water swimming season :( Further investigations by Mr W and kind offers from parents mean that going privately may be an option, so fingers crossed that this week will go somewhat better and that I'll be without a cold, accustomed once more to the weather and that we'll make some progress in finding out when I can get my tooth out - before I take a sledgehammer to the side of my face (cheaper and swifter).

I guess you won't be surprised that Lent hasn't gone very well this week. Mr W was sent out for emergency chocolate on Thursday night and 2 200g jars of Nutella have been consumed since. It seems that since I have also had to cut out yeast from my diet as well as gluten, it is nigh on impossible to get enough carbohydrate and energy to fuel my swimming without eating a modicum of cake. I am making Mr W stick to the no-cake rule though :)

So that was a bit of a ranty ramble. Here are some good things:
1. Mr W was supposed to be away this weekend but is now not going away until tomorrow.
2. We planted asparagus in a grow bag on the patio yesterday and some courgettes in little tubs to be transplanted in due course.
3. My Mum took me to see Stomp in Northampton yesterday - this was a strange music/dance spectacular set in a rubbish dump where 8 people dance and make lots of noise with things like brooms and kitchen sinks. Not quite sure what I think about it.
4. I have been bad and ordered two new books by two of my favourite authors which were out last week to read on my next holiday, and in the meantime I am rereading some of their back catalogues. Currently on "We are all made of glue" by Marina Lewycka.
5. Mr W has been redecorating the 3rd bedroom in our house "my room", and we are going to choose some carpet for it this afternoon.
6. My cold was better enough to swim my way through a 5.5k swim set this morning, albeit not flat out, and I am seeing the effects of the swim camp on my stroke and speed. More about swimming another day.


  1. Oh, you poor girl! If I can remember rightly, toothache is similar to sciatica, just there digging all the time. I can wholeheartedly sympathise with you about that as I've been suffering sciatica for the last almost 12 months.

    I hope you manage to get through all the barriers and get it done - quickly.

    Just on my way into the garage to sit on the bike (turbo trainer) to exercise my elderly legs as it's very windy out there and walked directly into the opened garage door, just at bridge of nose level. Almost knocked me out! Will just do some gentle pedalling as I don't think Horizon's advice would go to well after a bump.

    I believe Bee Propolis is good for everything! I am going to get husband some - maybe you should try it, you put drops into water and drink it!

    1. Eek - that sounds quite nasty. Did you manage your pedalling? Turbo trainers are quite a good idea, but a bit tedious I should think.

  2. I do feel for you it seems that sometimes everything happens at once. Thank goodness for chocolate and cake and Mr W as well for coming to your rescue.

    I think buying books is allowed as well, anything to take your mind off the tooth. Hopefully it will be out soon.

    I look forward to the swimming as obviously it is of interest to me. I really need to sharpen up my strokes, I am sure.

    1. Hopefully I'll be able to make some toothy progress again. I have now made myself a bit sick of sugar so hopefully back to the straight and narrow tonight :)

  3. A big cuddle from across the pond, you poor girl. Thirteen weeks is a barbaric amount of time to wait for some relief but sadly, not surprising. Crossing my fingers that it won't come to that...hang in there, Verity.

    I do like the image of you eating Nutella like a mad woman though!

    1. Yep - straight from the jar :) Might as well rot all my other teeth too :)

  4. We used to eat condensed milk straight from the tin, and sometimes spread it on buttered bread!


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