Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rubbish blogger!

Feel like a bit of a rubbish blogger at the moment to be honest.
1. I haven't baked anything interesting to share.
2. I didn't manage to keep up with taking a photo a day, mainly because I didn't want to cart my camera around all of the time and my phone isn't good enough for taking photos to put onto my blog. May or may not attempt to have another go this week.
3. Although I've been good with books for my Virago blog (and read the amazing Odd Women by Gissing) I haven't read anything terribly worthy of talking about here.

On the plus side, this week I have:
1. Swum 20km.
2. Cycled 37.5 miles.
3. Spent an hour on the cross-trainer at the gym.
4. Bought carrot, courgette and parsley seeds at the garden centre and potting compost.
5. I have reread some Antonia Forest which was lovely and I have read a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, which was fascinating although quite hagiographic.
6. I'm about to go and make us a proper Sunday dinner with side of salmon, jacket potatoes, crushed swede and carrot, asparagus and spinach and mincemeat and apple crumble (all helping me to my target of eating more fruit and vegetaibles).


  1. And I was pleased with my 3km!

    Always nice to hear what you are up to Verity, whatever it is.

  2. I wish I could run again, am even having trouble walking any distance due to a sudden onset of hip and knee problems, following the summer of the trapped nerve! Keep taking the glucosamine though.

    You seem to have done a lot even though you say you've not much to blog! Better than I - have thought of a name for a blog if I decide to do one but I'm not really sure what I would put in it.

    Have just re-read A Quartet in Autumn by Barbara Pym and enjoyed it so much as I did the first time. Enjoyable, mild reading but quite sad too.

  3. Erika:

    I suggest you read "The Ghost in the Little House" by William Holst, a biography of Laura's daughter which sets the record straight and is enlightening as well as being s very good read.

    Your Sunday dinner sounds wonderful.

  4. Hi Jo - it's harder to fit in swimming for me now that I have to cycle 3 miles to the pool so I'm pleased with my 20km.

    Campfire - I've not managed to run yet this year as my ankles are very sore - I hope they will be better soon. I should reread some Barbara Pym soon - I'm looking forward to the reissue of Crampton Hodnet this month.

    Erika - I have a copy of that book too! It looked a lot better so I thought I'd read that second :)

  5. 2nd try at leaving a comment, as first one vanished when I hit preview.

    You are not a rubbish blogger, and I'm in awe at the amount of things you achieve. Makes me feel exhausted just reading about the swimming, and cycling.

    My exercise lately has been knitting or turning the pages of a book. Since Mr H took early retirement, I don't seem to do as much walking as I used to, so easy to jump into the car, instead of doing the 20 minutes each way walk to Asda supermarket once a week.

  6. Verity how can you be a rubbish blogger when the word hagiographic appears in your post. *runs off to look it up in the dictionary*

  7. Its seems to me you've already accomplished a shed-load of stuff! In exercise terms you've done more this year than I did all last year. And I haven't even ventured into my garden since October never mind bought seeds. And you used the word hagiographic (which I also had to look up). Basically you're superwoman.

  8. Hagiographic is such a good word - I'll have to find another good word to include another time!

  9. Oh my ... as a slow reader and someone who probably wouldn't move off the couch if her dog wasn't periodically insistent about the matter, I'm impressed by what you've managed already this year. I am an indifferent baker at best but a passionate cook who would probably flex her cooking muscles much more often if I flexed my other muscles. I read The Odd Women last year as part of my background research for a book I am working on ... a good read. I'm halfway through Vanity Fair at the moment -- I generally pick a big Victorian novel as my mid-winter read every year. The last few years it's always been Trollope but I finished up Framley Parsonage very quickly (for me!) and the Thackeray beckoned. What a fun read!

  10. Grrr!

    One of my pet hates (don't take this personally) is the view that some excellent providers of weblogs have that they "must" provide readers with daily news. Quality not quantity! Weekly something excellent rather than daily trivia.

    Don't worry in the slightest ...

    1. Thanks Dark Puss, that is very kind. Sigh, I really don't seem to have anything interesting to right about at the moment, even weekly!


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