Monday, 23 January 2012

A productive evening

After a week which felt unproductive by the usual things which I measure productivity by (usually number of books read, cakes baked, kilometres swum) due to being away from Friday to Sunday, I am happy to have had an extremely productive evening. Arrived home at 5.30 on the dot, unpacked groceries, made amazing spicy lentil soup (above), made pasta sauce for base for pasta bake tomorrow, ran for 35 minutes whilst singing and dancing to Steps: the ultimate collection (oh yes!) and repacked my bags for tomorrow before having a long shower. It's still only 7.30!

How to make it a bit more productive? Cross stitch in front of Birdsong on iplayer (feels more productive to watch a literary adaption than something like Don't Tell the Bride) and finishing the book I was reading at work while Mr W does some OU study. Looking forward to an unproductive evening watching trashy tv while Mr W is out tomorrow night...


  1. Acheiving those little things makes the big things pale into insignificance!

    I like days like that, today mine was making some jelly mousses which I always have in the fridge as a snack and to take to work as well. Done that!

  2. Somehow productive evenings that also allow for relaxing are the perfect ones. I managed a very short run, nail paint & a bit of blogging & catching up with Warmth. Enjoy tonight's unproductive evening. Ps Did you watch Birdsong? What did you think?

  3. Sounds like a very productive evening to me! Glad that I'm not the only one who watches trashy tv when husband is out!

  4. Interested as to what you are cross stitching at the moment, Verity.

  5. Hope my comment works, darn browser issues, Verity.

    Nights with the house all to myself, yes please! Non-fiction books, magazines, tray with tea and cookies, all piled on my bed. Absolute bliss.

    Your soup must be delicious!

  6. Very well done and hope the trashy tv evening went as planned.


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