Tuesday, 3 January 2012

At the end of the first day back

The first day back after Christmas hasn't been too bad, despite a very interrupted night with dreams of oversleeping, and many hours awake whilst Mr W coughed and sniffled (the final straw was the wake up light going on eight minutes before it should have done). I went around the sales at lunchtime, and the only thing I bought was this handsome diary in the shop at work:
I loved using the Persephone Diary to record my reading last year, and since the notebook I was using before that is pretty much full, I thought I'd go with the diary idea again this year. Obviously I was drawn by the picture of swimmers on the cover, but the diary features selections from the John Johnson collection of ephemera (absolutely fascinating - do read more about it here) which I am sure will be entertaining as I fill in the books that I have read throughout 2012.

I have made biscuits (banana, peanut butter and choc chip) from this recipe - it would have been rude not too when I had an almost black banana. However, in the interests of healthy eating, I baked 6 and froze the rest of the dough.

Now it is time to sit by our tree which we still have up and read whilst Mr W finishes the ironing, and then we have "breakfast for dinner" which I am rather excited about.


  1. I struggled getting up this morning - but was awake as the light came one. Let me see what happens tomorrow when I go swimming first.

    The cookies look good, I am trying to be good at the moment into the new year.

    Meant to say Happy New Year, so will say it now. I hope 2012 is the year that you achieve all that you want to. Look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. Breakfast for dinner?

  3. Hi Jo - I hope you made it to the pool. Somehow it makes me feel more awake.

    Hi Geraldine - the things that you might normally have for breakfast but at suppertime. You and Dick might have bacon, sausages and eggs, but we had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Mr W had a bagel and I had 2 gf crumpets, and we both had watercress and asparagus. And some orange juice. Was lovely and very easy!

  4. Erika
    I really like your chaste Christmas tree. Do you follow the Eastern European custom of no coloured ornaments when there are no children in the house?

    I am grinding my gears to bake a huge German chocolate cake for my husband's birthday later this month. He eats the lot slice by slice from the freezer as I don't like coconut and don't even care for chocolate much. However, in February he bakes a lemon sandwich layer cake for me--my favorite.

  5. 3 days in to back to work - tirrrred. Next week I put exercise back into the equation, um...let's see how that goes.

  6. Hi Erika - I like the minimalist look, also we don't have any tree ornaments!! What makes the chocolate cake a German one?

    Jodie - I know, and I've got another 2 hours to go after this tea break :(

  7. Erika
    Why German chocolate cake? I had to look this up.It is named after a popular chocolate bar named German's, begun in 1852. Now it is made with a Baker's chocolate bar. It is a very popular cake here in the United States. 3 chocolate layers, with a very rich coconut and butter filling and topping.

  8. I love the diary! I have got a pretty gardening one that came in a set with a calendar, as I use a diary to record the hours I do (and money I'm paid) for my business, and it's nice to have something bright and naturey up here at the top of Libro Towers!

    Anyway - popped in to say I've just nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award (one of those pass it on type things but seems harmless and might get us all a few hits - I'm not trying to compel anyone to take part, though!) http://libroediting.com/2012/01/06/kreativ-blogger-awards/

    Liz x

  9. Thanks Liz - that's really kind!


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