Saturday, 28 January 2012

Productive week

It's been a productive week in fact, rolling on from Monday evening, certainly in terms of all of the things that I seem to measure productivity by. 20km has been swum, banana pancakes were made and eaten before any photos could be taken, a fish pie (ditto) and some particularly special cupcakes (post to follow separately) were also made, along with a mini victoria sponge for my father and a larger heart shaped version for Mr W. We've booked both our summer and Christmas holidays, Mr W has completed his tax return, and some good books have been read (nothing terribly literary but enjoyable can = good too can't it?).

I was asked to share what I had been cross stitching, nothing terribly fancy just some little kits that I bought back in the Autumn. I have two larger projects which I've rather given up on as it's so hard to hold a big piece of fabric and stitch. Maybe I'm just impatient. Anyway I still haven't quite finished the surfing bear (top) but I've managed to find cards for all of the ones I've done over recent months.

(Of course productive week = seriously shattered Saturday - after climbing out of bed at an unearhtly hour for a Dr's appointment, coming back and making cake, and cleaning the kitchen, and having a bit of a sort out, I was dispatched back to bed by Mr W and stayed there for 3 hours dozing and reading. No swimming or sport for me today!)


  1. Love the cross stitch, I have some coming up on my blog soon which will have something in common with both of us.

    All reading is good, even if we do not think it is high brow literary, I often question myself over this.

    Saturday's are my day for no swimming or gym stuff or classes, only walking and plenty of sleeping.

    1. Hi Jo - am looking forward to seeing that on your blog! I have not even walked today, I went to visit my dad but drove rather than cycling 3 miles there and back (it's cold!)

  2. Lovely work on the cross stitching, thanks for sharing the pics. How wonderful of Mr W to despatch you back to bed to rest.


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