Saturday, 2 October 2010

The month of September

Joan over at Flowers and Stripes does a lovely summary of her month each time, and it is something that I enjoy reading and have thought that I would like to do. How easy it is when you don't keep a diary to let things slip away from you.

The month of September began finding out that the Great North Swim was cancelled and entering a 3.8km swim.
We had a lovely week in the Lake District, following in the footsteps of Arthur Ransome, walking, swimming and playing with a log fire in our cottage.
Made Ken a gold leaf decorated birthday cake.
Ate out at Loch Fyne for the first time.
Returned to work, tried to catch up after having had 2.5 weeks off, but then had another long weekend and a visit to Cornwall.
Watched the sun set over the sea from our hotel room and ate skate for the first time.
Thought about stopping blogging but ended up starting blogging again.
Started to make plans for the Autumn and for Christmas - booked tickets to see ballets.
Back to work properly, getting things ready for the start of term and reopening my reading room closed for building works.
Miles and miles of swimming before work.
Planning frugality until the end of the year to save for wedding - started drinking instant coffee in the week, not pleasant.
A housewarming party in the Cotswolds.
3.8km swim in 15C water which took 1 hour and 25 minutes and enabled me to raise over £1250 for Mind - still hoping to get to £1500.
Followed by the worst cold that I ever had - a whole day in bed, listening to 3 Enid Blyton audiobooks, and discovering that I can download audiobooks directly onto my ipod touch.
Starting an introductory certificate in management and enjoying doing some studying again (and having a bit of time out of the office)
Reading my first Wilkie Collins (The dead secret) and the new Shopaholic book (both excellent).

In October I'm looking forward to...
No buying books and more instant coffee than trips to Pret. In theory. And a glow of saving some money.
A singing day with John Rutter.
Visiting my Dad in his new house.
A busy few weeks at work.


  1. What a busy month you had! All the best for October.

  2. I do something similar on my blog. It is nice to go back and remember the month and make exciting plans for the following month.

    Congrats on the wedding plans. I was married in January and had such fun planning my little DIY wedding.

    Also, cheers for Wilkie Collins! He is one of my favorites. I've read Armadale, Woman in White, and the Moonstone. This Fall I've plans to read his novel The Black Robe.


  3. I was exhausted reading what you had done, though it was probably much more exhausting for you!

    Well done again on the swim and I hope the cold is better now.

    Here is to a frugal October.

  4. You've had quite a month!! I love this feature at Joan's and am happy to see something similar here. Have thought about giving it a try... maybe in October.

  5. I enjoyed your month summary -- a very impressive month actually! Annoying about the cold... I'm still getting over the one I got last week. But I don't have any excuse like swimming in cold water!

  6. Very very glad that you decided to keep blogging. Looking forward to your monthly round ups and good luck with the saving. Just think of your current favourite part of your wedding planning everytime you make an instant coffee.

  7. Skirmish - thanks, you too

    amanda - I think I am going to like thinking about each month and working put the best bits will be Reading more Wilkie Collins

    Joann - glad to see you joined in this month

    jo - thanks - think am better now

    Marieke - so many colds going round - let's hope we picked ip some immunity

    Joan - yes that may make the instant coffee more palatable but this month I may stick to water...

  8. October is a great month for going on walks in the park and seeing the gorgeous colours. And it's free! Don't forget to make a coffee at home in your travel mug first...enjoy!

  9. Every time I play John Rutter at home my husband thinks it's the theme song from Vicar of Dibley. I can't say that I disagree, but I do enjoy listening. In my own choir singing I haven't done much Rutter. It sounds like it will be fun.

    By the by, is it too early to plan for November? Like for a certain little blogger get together in London on the 13th with Yours Truly?

  10. A glow of not spending money sounds very nice, if a bit virtous for me, but good luck with October's frigality. Winter is when I end up spending the most money I think (so many nice winter knits and boots to buy).

  11. What a busy month! It sounds brilliant- congrats on the swim, the water must have been freezing, shame it made you ill but still an amazing achievement!

    On the coffee front, you can buy a cafetiere cheaply and ground real coffee is not more expensive than instantly really, and a billion times nicer. Literally! I do love pret coffee though....

  12. Darlene - yes, we went on a walk this weekend - I'm a member of the National Trust so we can go to their places for free.

    Thomas - it's never too early to plan, I'm planning for Christmas, but I don't think I will be able to make it up to London as I can't afford the train/bus fare :(

    Jodie - it's not very glowing not spending money, just frustrating at the moment :(

    Jane - we do have a cafetiere but that is strictly for weekends as sadly instant is very much cheaper. Had a nice cup yesterday tho!


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