Saturday, 30 October 2010


Having discovered Wilkie Collins, it wasn't too long before I picked him up again. K and I have decided that Dead Secret was perhaps not one of his better novels, it lacked pace towards the end, and wasn't as terrifying as The haunted hotel which I read last weekend, but should have saved for Halloween!

The haunted hotel is a melodramatic novella set partly in London and partly in Venice. It's a cross between a detective story and a ghost story and it had me gasping out loud at certain points and really quite terrified.

I don't really celebrate Halloween, but I may get another Wilkie Collins from the pile of library books (I've got several to choose from - thanks for all of your recommendations - it seems that No Name is one of his best, as is Armadale), and I think we will have stuffed pumpkin for tea. I've just remembered that I've also got the Edith Wharton book of ghost stories which I want to read and write about for my Virago Venture.


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  2. Oh, I love Wilkie Collins. Although my experience so far has been limited to the two most famous, Woman in White and The Moonstone, I have Armadale on my shelf just waiting for the right time to read it to arrive. (Probably some grim and airless day when I just have to have a gothic adventure. Maybe it will be foggy out.)

  3. I love Wilkie too. And yes, The Dead Secret is definitely one of his weaker novels--one to read when you've read the biggies and just want a dose of his work. Armadale is my favorite with The Woman in White coming in second. I am reading No Name at the moment and am enjoying it--his characters are wonderful. I need to get a copy of The Haunted Hotel and have looked at it often at the bookstore--now that I hear it has good gasping moments I will get that one as well!

  4. I've only read The Woman in White and The Moonstone -- Armandale sounds really good. Oh, so many Victorians and so little time! And I LOVE Edith Wharton, her ghost stories are really good. My favorite is Kerfol.

  5. I might have to get my hands on The Haunted Hotel before too long. After my recent wonderful experience with No Name, I am dying to read more Wilkie! Also, Karen's "so many Victorians and so little time" comment made me laugh - so true :P

  6. Pour of Tor - Armadale is one that I've had recommended over and over.

    Danielle - I've had another disappointing Wilkie this weekend - The Law and the Lady so I think I will have to get hold of Armadale or No Name next.

    Karen - I've read a couple of the EW ghost stories, but I'm not a hugeWharton fan so it's taking me a little while to get into.

    Nymeth - Haunted hotel is excellent, and it's only really a novella, which is another incentive.


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